Friday, August 15, 2008

FINALLY Friday! Whew!

Wow! What a week. I really don't like school starting on a Wednesday. It messes up everything. Can't wait until Monday, and I can start right. Okay, well, maybe I CAN wait until Monday! LOL I need a long weekend. Not one that just "flies" by and I feel like I got nothing done. Geesh!
Well, what do you think of my new "Look?" I'm not "loving it" so, BEWARE!!!! I'm trying to get back into PSE. I miss Jessica's class. I've gotten a little rusty. That is one thing I'd like to do this weekend, just sit with the computer and practice, practice practice!!
I think I just thought of my PAD for today. The letter will be "E" and it is going to be for "easy." No picture. Just a word. "Easy." Last night's dinner was "easy", hot dogs and chili. Tonight, not so sure. Might be chicken. Speaking of "chiken", my Lex went to school this a.m.! :( Only a 1/2 day for her. She will start full-time on Monday. I will talk to her mom after lunch to see how it went. I'm sure it was absolutely fine. She was so ready for school. I may wait a week after they have been there to call and see how the child of my "problem parent" did. She was worried he'd be in the Principal's office almost daily!!!! I have to chuckle!! He probably won't be in her office daily, but I'm sure at least once a month!!!! Not that the principal would do anything. That's another issue I won't get into.
Well, this is short and sweet (maybe not) but, I've got to get back to "takin it easy." Ha ha ha ha. Ya "Bean" I'm sure you're rolling on the floor right now after that statement! And Dana, hopefully your class is behaving themselves and aren't too "wild" because it's Friday, so, I hope YOU'RE BEHAVING and not letting it show too much! LOL Blog you guys later................................


kelliebean said...

Yep, Bean's rotf! :)

Happy Friday! You (and your 10 brains) take it easy for me, k? hahahaha!

Miss Dana said...

Oh, yeah.........was WAAAAAAYYYYY too excited today!!!! Honsetly. But I got it altogether before school started and the kids came into class. So, they didn't get to see my 'excited its Friday' side yet. Ha ha!
But I'm sure it'll show soon enough, & okay, I'll try to not let it get the 'best' of me.
Aw, Lex is gone!! :-( I'm sure she'll love school though. How'd it go with her today? And I hope your 'problem parent' child does well at school too. Is he the same age as Lex?? I bet they're too are sooo cute at that age. Don't ya think?
Anyway, gonna take a rest this weekend. Probably going to cook a meal for the family since I haven't cooked in a while. Been too busy!!!! Have to think of something. Oh well....better start now.
I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend........and try to get some things done, missy!