Friday, August 22, 2008

All I Can Say Is...

This day could not have ended any sooner! When I say it's been a "crappy" day, I mean it LITERALLY!! OMGoodness! It all started with my "new" chiken, who has only been here 1 1/2 weeks. Poor thing. Has a horrible, horrible, did I say horrible? Diaper rash. By the end of the day, he was blistered! I'm cringing again thinking about it. Every time he would begin to fuss, I knew I had to change him and he DID NOT LIKE THAT!! He is going to the doctor tomorrow morning. I told the mom to let me know what they say. I'm sure they are going to need a "sample", I told her, I got a bucket full! Which leads me to the next one. Let's just say, for your sakes, that there was a leak! Thank goodness I do not have carpet! I need a good, large daiquiri!!!! Think I'll leave right after this post! DS went to a friend's, DD went to the football game where my DH happens to be working. I already made dinner and ate, as well as my dd.

I did manage to do a couple of digi layouts this afternoon, while all but one "chiken" was napping! I was trying to use a new "decorative scissor" that I downloaded, but couldn't get it to work. I have a few pictures still on hard drive that I haven't printed, so I decided to pull from there.

The first one is my dh and dd. You can read the journaling to see where we were. The last one was also taken at the restaurant. I held the camera out and "snapped" it! The 2nd one is of one of my "chikens" on her 1st visit to Disney. Can't you see how excited she is?! Poor thing. It wasn't until later in the week until she had her "aha" moment. I have quite a few pics of the trip her mom sent to me. I think I'll make a couple of digi pages and make a book for her! She's been doing well at school. In fact, next Friday, they don't have class so she'll be with me!! I'm sure the whole day, she will be non-stop!!!
I'm gonna keep playing on the compy, hopefully creating some more digi stuff! You guys have a good weekend and I'll blog ya later..............

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