Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Wild, Loud" Wednesday

And this DOES say it best! I have a new lit'l chiken, who will be with me fulltime once school starts. His mom is a teacher. Anyway, this is not the first time he has stayed with me. He is always a little fussy and cries a little bit, then. Done. Well, not today! It started AS SOON AS HE CAME IN THE DOOR! Oh my! Not quite sure what is going on. Tried holding and consoling and talking to him. NO GO! I sat him on the floor. 2 others were getting toys out of the box, giving them to him. Still, going! He'll stop for a moment, catch his breath, go again! Thank goodness my patience level is still very high! and the others, just ignore him! LOL He is settling now. I don't want to "jinx" myself.
Anyway, still not here, is the one who is leaving after this week. No phone call either. Not surprised. Kinda a little happy if he is not going to be here, especially if this new lit'l chiken keeps going!! I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. He is supposed to be back on Friday.
Tonight I play Bonco! We get together once a month, with each one hosting. We always have good food! Laughs! and FUN!! I swear, we cut up so much, that if someone was to walk in, I'm soooo sure they would be offended!! LOL
Side note: just rec'd phone call from "mom", he child won't be here due to a Dental appt. his first!
Okay, lit'l chiken settled down! Whew! I'm tired.
I have been visiting a web/blog site that I am totally in love with! In fact, she is NOT a professional and doesn't claim to be. Her name is Ree and she is The Pioneer Woman! She has all sorts of cool things on her site! I just loved reading about all her photography tricks and tips! Oh my, I can't say enough! Go chek her out!
Well, I guess I should go and get some lunch started. Or in my case today, figured out!! Have no clue what they are going to eat today!?! Try and have a good one! I'll Blog ya later................. ;)


lauracub said...

hi hope your having good luck w/the little chikens now. I am happy I stopped by. I wanted to put music on my blog but didn't know how. Looked at your playlist and remembered mine. was able to post it on my blog. Thanks again.
Have fun hope your new chiken calmed down for you!!!!!!


kellie bean said...

Bless your heart! I don't know how you handle so many little ones - thank God for wonderful people like you! Enjoy a "peaceful" day with the little ones. :)