Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Troublesome Tuesday

Okay. Trying to come up with different names of the days of the week as I post, that would pertain to how my day is going. Not sure if "troublesome" fits, but, I think it might be a start. I guess the reason I say "troublesome" is because of my thoughts! Yesterday I mentioned about some "gossip." Well, I'm truly not one to start gossip and living in a small town, you can't help but hear it! I'll just say, a few weeks ago, I told one parent {who forgets we live in a small town!} that July 25th would be my last day. She was wondering when I would finally stop. Now the reason I told her this was because, I was told, she was unhappy w/me! After 5 yrs of keeping her children! Okay. Fine. Know what kind of person she is. Her child starts school in August. Now, I am downsizing. But this does not stop the calls from coming!! I am NOT taking on any new children. I know, deep down inside, this to be true. Now, what will I do when I completely stop? Who knows! I would like it to be fairly flexible! We'll have to wait and see. Enough on this topic. I'll keep you posted.
Haven't heard from my "beach bum" of a daughter in 2 days! She is to return home sometime Thursday. She is back in Destin, which is good that "Hurricane Dolly" is aimed at Texas!! Sorry Dana. I'm sure that it is far enough south for you! Would hate for you to have to evacuate with Jehnna!!! ;) We could use some of the rain bands tho'! 50% chance of rain tomorrow. Gee, it's a slow "news week!" Waiting on the new CK board to get all the kinks worked out. I, personally, am not having any problems, although, I can't get in to fix my signature line! I did order the "Creating Keepsakes" magazine at $24 for 24 issues! $1 an issue! Who cares how many ads are in it? The articles will far outweigh the cost I just paid. In fact, I love the ads. So many purdy stuff! My "wish list" will just keep getting longer, for, I do not have any of the good stores anywhere NEAR me! LOL Doesn't cost to dream! There are lots of inspiration ads. I am currently in my 2nd year of "Scrapbooks, etc" mag. I inadvertently paid the 2 yr subscription TWICE! They wouldn't refund, so........ 'script runs out in October 2010! It's a good mag, but I didn't want 4 yrs!!! I like to switch it up!! Maybe THIS weekend, I'll get to scrap. I still have to get some pictures printed. Heck, I could have sent them to "snapfish" or "shutterfly" then I would have them for this weekend. Hmmmm, there's still time. I may not get to scrap this weekend! LOL
Okay, gotta go. There are "chikens" to feed! Here's a sidenote: Those of you "spelling fanatics" {me included!}, I purposely spell "chikens" wrong! It is just my term of endearment. Just thought I would let you know, I know the "C" is missing! LOL
Now that I've cleared the air... I really have to go now. Blog ya later.......


Miss Dana said...

OMG!! I know......been keeping an eye out for that Hurricane.
But I think it's expected to land/hit in a town like an hour away, so we should be good. Or well, at least I'M hoping it does. Ha ha!
Toooo many hurricanes to watch out for, ya know??!
Oh well........anyway, as if!
Wow, 5 years of keeping her kids and thats what you get???!! Kinda selfish.
Crazy how people are, it amazes me.
I'll post a new blog soon, for you too see and read.

kellie bean said...

Hey there! I'm lol at the Arizona story down there!!! :)