Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tired Thursday!

I think I need a vacation from my vacation!! I just can't pull it together this week and I have a very busy weekend coming up!! Needless to say, I haven't been able to pick up the book I started my last day of vacation! I'm not even quarter of the way thru! I am trying to catch up w/Jessica Sprague's NWR class! It took me many hours to complete this LO! Only because of many interruptions!!! I'm not enjoying it as I did the last one. I think it is because of "time" and that is what is making me decide NOT to take her 3rd class right after this one. I'll wait until the Fall when she offers it again. There's just too much going on and I'm not "absorbing" it the way I should. Thank goodness for "Cheat Sheets!" Although, I haven't been able to print out week 3 or 4 because my printer keeps "jamming!" Sooooooooo frustrated. Then again, no time to sit and fix! Anyway, 1st pic is page 1, 2nd pic is page 2 and 3rd pic is the entire layout together!

No PAD yet. No one has started the thread. I don't want to. Last month, I was able to do it first thing in the morning, because I was up early and waiting for my first "chiken" to arrive. Now, too tired, ran out of ideas and basically, I want to be a "follower" this time! Well, that's all I have for now. Blog ya later.................

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