Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thirsty Thursday!!

That's as good a title as any! Considering. I.! Could it be from volleyball game last night? Could be. We won. All 3 games. Yay!! Starting, we were in 5th place. Don't know where that puts us now. We really have a good team. Can't have my "luck" run out on me now! You know, the luck. Last 4 teams I've been on have WON!!! It's all me. Every last bit! ROTFLOL Really. Why are you laughing? I can play and play well. I could be in the Olympics! Seriously! Stop laughing. Hey. Gotta have my dreams, right? Good. Now, go laugh at someone else! hee hee hee hee

Worked on another layout yesterday. Only took me a few hours! Not bad. Especially when you have 4 "chikens" needing you for one thing or another! Work. Why does it have to interfere with FUN!? Anyway. It is a layout of my ds and his swim team picture. I still have all the pics I took at the meets and his ribbons to put together.
Hopefully I can get it done and in an album this weekend. Hey, what did I tell you about that laughing? It's possible. I could really do it. Honestly. I only have a Surprise Birthday Party to go to Saturday, late afternoon. I probably won't drink. Much. It is for a very dear friend of me and my DH. He grew up with the family. They are like siblings to him. Closest thing to sisters he ever had! Anyway. After my MIL's funeral service, we were talking about the party! Birthday girl wasn't there. We were free to "bash" her! Hey, that's the kind of family it is! I mean, if you walk into "Mam's" house, I swear, you turn over an item, like funiture or a chair and I SWEAR TO YOU, it has someone's name on it!!! All 5 children, years ago, starting "claiming" their so-called, inheritance! It is LOL funny! My DH and I thought about "sneaking" our name in, but, there was nothing left!!! I tell ya, those people. They are the BEST in the world. Got your back. We used to all ride trucks every year on Mardi Gras Day. The BEST time in the world. Even if the weather was the crappiest! Cold. Wet. Hot. Bright. It didn't matter. The music played and the beer and daiquiri's flowed! And if we occassionally threw our "stash" that was okay too! Great people they are. Can only IMAGINE how this party is going to be. Her dd is hosting it at her house. Thank goodness she only has 1 neighbor! And I'm sure they're invited!! I'll let ya know how it all goes down.

Have another Volleyball game tonight. This one is at 9:30 pm!! Way past my bedtime. This night's team is tough. I feel like it's an Olympic Game! Considering I'm the only 40 something on the team, I feel good! LOL Let's just say, this team will not be going into the playoffs! It's that tough!

Going to go and start preparing lunch. Got 1 chiken asleep on the sofa! :o Blog ya later..............

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