Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Terrible Tuesday...

Ya know, it's been 1 week today that Cox Communications came out to my house. Reason for their visit was, I decided to "flip-flop" my livingroom. In doing so, all I did was disconnect the cable connection and re-connect on the other side. Simple. Right!

Apparently my DVR box would not "reset" to the correct time or show any programs! This started on Sunday. Made a call. Was told Tuesday would be the soonest they could come out. Grrrreat. That meant no Noggin. I connected the cable directly to the television just so we could watch. Reception was crappy. It was the same in the bedrooms! Tuesday they showed up @ 11:30 a.m. 30 minutes before the end of the "time block" they gave me. 40 minutes later, done. fixed. took 3 1/2 hrs before the "Guide" showed data, but that was okay.

Now, yesterday. Needed to plug in a lamp in the outlet that the previous television was. Noticed that the "adapter" for the digital "booster" was still plugged in. Now, the cable is connected to nothing. I had unplugged it and noticed that my television "paused." Thought...funny. plugged it back in, t.v. started up. Thought, coincidence. Tried it again, same thing. So I left it plugged in. Well, t.v.'s in bedroom had crappy reception! Then the cable/dvr box went out!!!! Called. Have an "All day appointment." Meaning, anytime between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. tonight they will come!! Are you kidding me?! What if I had a JOB outside of my home? Then what? Waste a day waiting around?? They are supposed to call 15 minutes before arrival. Yeah, right. Didn't the last time. Have 7 more hours, which means they will show up at 6:30!!!!!! Despite what my children think, I do have a LIFE! So, needless to say, I've been watching DVD's all morning! "Bug's Life", "The Bee Movie" and now "Aladdin." Chikens are going down for a nap and I'm gonna watch a non Pixar/Disney movie!! "Because I Said So" looks good. ;) Let you know what happens w/Cox!

Okay, last night was the Swim Team Party with awards given out. We had a terrible storm come thru yesterday around 1. We started about 6 p.m. Finished and we could eat and the kids swim, but.... it had started raining. again. At least it was a light rain and did eventually stop later. Fortunately it was just rain and not thunder and lightning! Kids had fun! Got home @ 9:15 or so. I am still tired and I still do not have a voice!! This morning while I was waiting for "chikens" to arrive, I uploaded the pictures from Invitational and last night. This weekend, I need to group all the pictures together along w/any videos I have and put them on DVD for my friends. I'll start sorting Friday night. Need to do this on the desktop, for the laptop doesn't burn DVD's! Here are a few. A recap if you like. The first, is the video of my son swimming his only event! It was on Saturday. He took 2nd in this particular heat. It qualified him to swim again on Sunday. He finished 5th overall!

Here they are for the Parade of Teams. We are the "Hurricanes."
Coach Nicole is on the diving board. My ds is facing left, w/mouth open!
Just chillin' waiting under canopy until next event. DS sittin' w/white shirt.
Just to show you, pool is in the middle of a sugar cane field! Seriously!!!!

Well, I guess that's all I got for now. Been having a few issues with Blogger. The Cox technician is here and it's been about 1 1/2 hrs and it's still not resolved! I'll keep ya posted! Blog ya later.......

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