Thursday, July 31, 2008

Okay. I'm wondering. If I had a dedicated scrap room, would it look like this?
I mean, really. This is my kitchen table. I have a cabinet in the kitchen that holds almost all of the items I need to create a page. I have a paper tote that holds all my paper. If I had a room, would my "workspace" be any cleaner? Only have out what I am currently using? Able to put back what I used? Be able to actually eat at the table?! When I worked in an office, my desk was meticulous. If someone borrowed something, say, a stapler, when they returned it, they would just "plop" it on my desk!! Drove me crazy! Had to put it back exactly where it belonged! Was that so wrong of me? I think not!

Is it like that in my "parallel universe?" Please tell me it isn't.

Thanks. Just had to "vent" just a little. Thanks for listening.


kelliebean said...

In this parallel universe, I am LMBO because IT IS LIKE THAT!!! At least, it will be after I unpack all of my toys. :D

Oh, and I also have to have everything "just right," so I completely understand that one. Try teaching middle school - I went through like 3 staplers one year.

Here's to a happy, organized Friday!

Jaimie Lea said...

LOL! you might have a place to eat at least! :)