Thursday, July 24, 2008

No title for today. :( I'm gonna have to sit this weekend and come up with a few names for the days of the week I can "pull" from!
My new lit'l chiken yesterday... I was honest w/his mom and told her, his day was "not good" but "not bad." She appreciated that. She knows that he has been so "stuck" on her this summer. She can't even wait for the older one to start school! She is a teacher. I'll have the lit'l one again Friday. I'll be able to tell once he comes in the door, whether or not we'll just have an "okay" day!! I know it won't take him long to "adjust." He's been at a sitter before, so that's not a problem. I'm not "mean", I promise!!! I'm not worried. It'll be okay.
Okay, now to "vent" just a little. The parent who is being "let go" as of today asked if I was going to be around tomorrow? Duh. They have "a little something" for me. WHAT!!!? Is this the same person who has been "unhappy" with me? I don't get it. I've come to the realization, it's just her personality! I mean, I've always gotten really cool gifts from her, so I don't know if she's over compensating, feeling guilty, or just plain "dumb" and doesn't have a clue! I'm thru figuring it out! I do know, it's her husband I have "issues" with! I don't even want to figure him out!! She did mention to me this morning, "It'll be nice when you can get rid of all the 'baby' stuff?" I told her, "yeah, but I am in 'Limbo' as to what exactly I will be doing. I will be taking a break, so I'll see." You see, I am getting phone calls from people looking to place their baby with me!!!! Arrrgh! I do know, I don't want to keep any infants now, for the 4 remaining are toddlers. I could do more with them and not worry about an infant. KWIM? Which brings me to a conversation that took place last night. Had Bonco last night, didn't win, but the neighbor/friend of the said "Parent" is in my group. Now, I don't know what has been said to her, if anything. Conversation took place at our table that had me a little worried. I wanted to "avoid" any confrontation. She asked about my MIL's house, if we were going to move in, etc. She said, "You could keep kids there, right?" I said, yeah, it's way big enough. A thought went thru my head: "She doesn't know!?" A little while later, my "guilt" got to me! I told her, "Look, I want to tell you something and right now, I don't care what you choose to do. I told "Parent" that July 25th was going to be my last day. She took it as, I was quitting completely and I didn't "correct" her!" She looked at me and said, "but he's starting school in a few weeks so it doesn't matter, right?" I said, "True, but apparently, she hasn't been happy with me." I briefly explained. She didn't know. I told her, the reason I said something to her was, I didn't want "Parent" to come to her, tell her that I finally "retired" when in fact, I've only "downsized." She didn't want to be caught in the middle and I told her, there really wasn't a "middle" just some facts. So, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks!
I really don't like conflict. I am a "people pleaser." That is because I am the oldest. My teenage years are a blur. I raised my 2 younger sisters. My mother became ill, so I carried more responsiblity than most. Now, I have absolutely no regrets! I would do it all again if I had to. See, there's that "pleasing" gene! I would much rather people/parents come to me with an issue/problem. Let's fix it, work it out, find a solution. Don't let it sit. Tell me. Don't talk behind my back. Especially when you live in a small town!!!! Thank goodness I don't hold grudges. Okay. Not long anyway! LOL Enough of all this nonsense!
On to other news. OMG! did ya hear about what happened in "my neck of the woods?" Well, yesterday, a barge split in 2 and leaked THOUSANDS of gallons of some oil/gas mixture into the Mississippi River! About 100 miles of the river is closed! That means no ferries and river traffic is running. There are ships above and below the "shut off" who are waiting to be let thru! Now, a couple of Parishes are about to have their water supply cut off! One Parish receives their water supply from another Parish that is above the spill, but the flow is very, very slow and it is a threat should there be a need for the fire department! Coast Guard, Haz Mat and other officials are "assessing" and cleaning up. Shame to, for we had some State Represenatives from other states in town, staying downtown and they awoke Tuesday morning to the most "God awful" smell!! Some were runners/joggers and wanted to go along the river track, but couldn't stand the smell! It isn't "toxic" which is good, but, I guess it's annoying and bothersome!
Okay, enough "bad" news. Close the newspaper, shut off the television! Too much "doom and gloom."
I've been cooking my dinners with my crockpot lately! Much, much success! Now, last night since I had Bonco and my DH was home alone, I made him a Chinese dish. Very good! He brought some leftovers for lunch today. I may even feed the lit'l ones that. No MSG. Don't worry! All it is, is, chicken, snow peas, broccoli and ramen noodles! I just stir fried it all. Tasted very good! Right now, in my crock pot, is "Salsa Chicken." Chicken thighs, salsa, black beans and white corn. I seasoned my chicken first with some salt and cumin powder. Think I'll serve it over some yellow rice. I'm telling ya, check out Stephanie's site. She is using her crockpot for a year! I'm determined to try out most of her recipes! We loved the "Taco Soup!" She has some great recipes.
Oh well, gonna go. Want to work on some pictures with Photoshop. Took my external hard drive out of the bedroom, so I can attach it to laptop. Need to keep on eye on these "chikens" and, right now, I only have 3 and 1 is napping!!
Have a great day! Hopefully, I will be able to post some layouts or pictures soon! Blog ya later.................

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kellie bean said...

I think you're right about the whole people pleasing - oldest kid thing...ugh! :)

Hey, what's that I see on the horizon? It's FRIDAY!!! Woo-hoo! Have a great weekend (I will because I finally caught up with the laundry).