Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday's here. Can't believe the weekend has come and gone. Saturday morning went and registered my dd for dance. She will be assistant teacher again but this time, 2 classes! Definitely on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 am. Her classes will be Wednesday from 7pm to 9 pm. This is her 10th year!! So excited for her. She will probably help on Tuesdays as well. I don't want her at dance Tues, Wednes and Thurs, for, it doesn't leave time for studying!!! Don't want her to go Friday afternoon, for, duh, "Football Season!" She is 15! and it's ALL ABOUT HER!! and her "social life!" LOL Ahhhh, to be 15 again. Oops, sorry. I snapped out of it!!

Anyway, after that, I went for a pedicure. It has been soooooo long. Picked up DH and went to have a burger at the Frost Top. Yumm!! Ran one errand {that wasn't on MY list!} then, went to see my sister, the hairstylist, for a wash and style! Then went to church. Left my dh home washing down the house. In the rain. Oh well. Called him when service was over to see what he wanted to do for dinner. We wound up going to a buffet. DH, DS and friend and myself! STORMED!! Horrible lightning. We got the same thing again last night. Lasted about an hour! Lightning, thunder and rain!

Sunday, I left house about 10 am, coupons in hand and headed to Mike's and Jo's. I was on a mission. Couldn't find it! Bought a small, scalloped edged, paper pad, Volleyball stickers and something else, but can't remember! Used "20% off entire order" coupon. Less than $20 spent. Went to Jo's. Bought a Digital Mag and 2 $1 items. Used 20% off coupon. $8 spent. Then I wondered over to Big Lots, nothing scrappy there. Then off to Dollar Tree, same thing. Stopped at Micky D's for diet coke and snack wrap. I came home and finished the booklet for my dd I started on Friday. I actually have pictures! Look:

Pictures weren't the greatest to begin with, but I just wanted to document her year. I changed the pictures to Black and White, then changed the "opacity" making it about 75% or so, just to "inject" some color into them. I added journaling tags to it, just to write a little something. I embellished lightly. I used pink, cream and brown ribbon on the outside. Kinda reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream! Ooh, that's what I bought at Mike's, ribbon!!

I managed to print out all the swim pictures of my ds I wanted. Now, I just need to get them scrapped! That is on my list this week. They will get done. Promise. It has been written, so, it will be done! ;) Be on the lookout.

Okay, I have the new lit'l chiken that cried last week, here today! As soon as he came in the door..... He has now settled. At least until someone else comes in the door! Oh my! His poor mother. She can't wait until school starts. She's a teacher. Oldest will be starting kindergarten. It's the youngest who's been so "clingy" to her this summer. She feels bad. I tell her, I completely understand!! Really.

Exciting weekend, huh? You're tired just from reading about it!? Sorry. Once school begins and routine begins, I should be able to get some things accomplished. Really.

Well, gotta go and start lunch. Wish me luck. Blog ya later........................

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