Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, again!

Can't believe. Where did the weekend go? Saturday, made an appointment to get my haircut by my sister. Ended up coloring it as well! CRAZY! I happened to be looking in one of the hair mags and noticed a model with long reddish/coppery hair. It was really pretty. Not bright, but rich looking. I commented on it to one of my sister's co-workers as we were chatting. She says, "Why don't you do that?" I'm like, no, that's quite all right. At that time, my sister walks up and asks what we were talking about. Amy pulls the mag from me and shows her! Then they go and get the color book and "create" the color! Adding "Color Shots" to it! OMG. It's a good thing I really don't care. I mean, it's only hair and it's only color. It can be corrected. 1 1/2 hrs later, VOILA', done! Wish I had a "before" pic so I could show you. Might have to get an "after" pic to post. I had 3 random people comment on it that evening! Had to call my sister and say, "Grrreat. Now I can't leave the house w/out fixing it!" LOL Since I am now 'advertising' for her! We'll see how long that lasts.
Yesterday, I wanted to get out of the house, so, I went to Houma. Should have checked website before I went. Wanted to go to the Hobby Lobby. It has been a couple of years since I've been and it's about an hour away. Really not that bad a drive. DH decides to go with me. Stopped at PJ's for coffee and danish, put gas in car, then head down highway 90. Pull up. Parking lot EMPTY!!! They are CLOSED on Sundays!! Could not believe it. {understood, but couldn't believe!} Well, we decide to drive around. Wound up at a store closing. 60-70% off! Went in. Wasn't really looking to get anything. Picked up 3 shirts for my dd. I got a purse, pair of shoes and a couple of shorts and shirts. Let me just say, I would have spent less money at Hobby Lobby! About $100 less! I always feel guily buying anything for myself. Now, that forced me to clean out my closet and get rid of things. Which I did. Surprisingly. Filled an entire LARGE garbage bag for Social Concerns. DH brought it this morning for me. All my laundry is done and put away! So much for scrapping this weekend. Wanted to start the "Outside/In Challenge" Jen aka "paperklipz" posted. Supposed to use something we received/bought and haven't yet used. I received some acrylic and I wanted to create some sort of album. I have until thursday to post. In case you're interested, here's the link. We are going to be posting challenges on Thursday, so we have the weekend to work on it.
Well, just won a phone on eBay for my ds! He went into the pool last week w/his phone in his swimsuit! I think he did it "sub-conscieniously!" We are both due for upgrades. He said it was an accident, and truly, I believe him, but you have to admit, the timing is funny! Ended up spending $85 for a $200 phone, plus, I will have to pay for activation! He better enjoy this! Won't be getting another one for a looooong time!
That's all that went on with me this weekend. Pretty boring. I know. I'll try and make it more exciting for you next time. I do have some gossip, but, it'll have to wait. ;) Guess you'll have to return! LOL
Blog ya later......

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Miss Dana said...

I HATE when that happens.........when stores are closed when you pull up. It's just wonderful, huh?!?!! LOL
Anyway, glad you did get to go shopping.....
where did you shop @?
Same way, hate when I shop for myself..........have to 'get' for other people and my kids and hubby.
Hope you had a great Monday.