Monday, July 14, 2008

Manic Monday? Quiet Monday?

Yeah, "Quiet Monday" kinda fits. Reason being, I have no voice! At least I still have the "written" one! LOL
Invitational was this weekend. OMG am I tired, sunburned and no voice! It was soooooo exciting. I only entered my son in one event, Backstroke. That was all he wanted. In retrospect, I should have entered him in Freestyle as well as Butterfly! Since I rode w/a friend, who's 4 children swam in 3 events each, I was there ALL DAY Saturday! It wasn't too bad, for, there were a lot of kids I was rootin' for! ;)
My son, who has never swam an invitational meet before, ended up placing 5th on Saturday, qualifying him to swim again on Sunday. He also had 2 relays to swim on Sunday! There was a boy who was swimming on the same Heat as my son, who, swims year round! He set a record on Saturday!! On Sunday, my son, again, was swimming against him!! In the 3rd Heat, which was considered the "fastest" heat! Only 3 heats were run on Sunday. Saturday, we had up to 6 Heats!! Sunday, were the 18 swimmers w/the fastest times. Okay. I told my son, look. just do your best. swim even strokes. kick hard. give this kid a run for his life! Heat started. I was absolutely NERVOUS!! I am very competive and wish my son had some of it! Anyway. He started out great. Kept up w/boy and was a good 2nd place. Flip turn. son still doing okay. other swimmers started getting a little faster! "Steroid" boy {son called him} was swimming in next lane as my son. he finished first, son finished 5th! he did manage to have a better time Sunday than Saturday! 1/2 hour later. Announcer made another announcement: Boy BROKE his own record!!!!! My son definitely convinced he's on steroids! Hee hee hee! Fact is, boy has at least 4 inches height on my son AND he swims year round, which I don't think is fair to begin with! Another story. My son ended up finishing 5th in the Finals, which means, no "High Point" award for him. They took the 1st 4. I don't care and neither does he. For the first time ever swimming, he did extremely well!! He now wants to do "Year Round" if/when they open it up close to us, which they are talking about! Hey, my kid needs to do something. He quit playing baseball years ago, which was a shame. He was pretty good!
Tonight is the Swim Team Party and Awards. Tomorrow I'll post pics from Invitational and Party/Awards. Gonna go now. Have only 3 "chikens" today and my house is a complete mess! Still have to make some kind of dessert to bring to the party tonight!!!! Have a good day. Blog ya later {promise}..........................

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Sara Carns said...

Hi! Love your blog! You have some serious photography skills! Got your link from the blogs thread over at CK! Thought I'd leave you some love. Have a great day!