Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Wednesday. Already. Yay?! Yeah, YAY!! I am taking another "vacation" next week. Not going anywhere. But. Time off from the "chikens!" Re-group before school starts and that whole routine begins.

Anyway. Have a game tonight. First, going across the street. Neighbor is hosting a "jewelry party" for a friend who is moving back to New York. She has some really pretty stuff. I may purchase 1 or 2 items. Not a "jewelry" person. I keep it simple. Honest. Hey, I worked on a layout yesterday. 1 layout. 5 hours. tired. It only has 1 picture on it! How could it take me so long? Well, "chikens" interrupting you for one thing! Dangnabbit lit'l boogers! Another thing, I did some "techniques" with it! Look:

See, used "Scalloped Edge" paper for the first time. Then I punched holes to thread ribbon thru, using a "Ribbon Hand Punch" also for the first time! I took the chipboard letters and sanded off the 1st color and used chalk ink to cover! Added stickles "White Lace" on top. Then I used chalk ink to stamp "wedding" giving it an almost translucent effect. I made the bows!! REALLY. Those who know me, know I can't make bows OR cut up chicken! I followed instructions using a, ready for this? a FORK. A standard, food using utensil! I KNOW! It was soooooo simple! The limitations are endless! I'm gonna have to post the thread I got it from, because, truly, this is marvelous! I'll find it shortly. Here it is: Diana Gibbs {scroll up to see demo!}
Not really much going on here. Weather has be awful in the afternoon for about an hour or so. Thunder and horrible lightning! Not your "typical summer shower!" Well, I'm gonna go now. Maybe I can get another layout done today!?! Have a good one. Blog ya later...............


Miss Dana said...

LOVE the scrapbook pages you made!!!!!!!! You are really good....needa 'teach' me sometime. LOL
Ahhhhhhhh, school starts soon for me!!!! Don't wanna even think 'bout it. Summer went by amazingly FAST!!!!!! Don't ya agree?!?
On a 'lighter' note:
I hope you have a great & wonderful Thursday!!

kelliebean said...

Ooooh! So pretty! I love the page! I think I'm gonna steal your scalloped paper and ribbon idea. It takes me at least that long to finish a page ("Mmaaaaaahmm, I'm BOOOORRRED" is what I hear as soon as I start working), so needless to say, I don't get much scrapping done these days. :(

How's life in the parallel universe over there?!