Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hold on to your Socks :D

Whoosh! That's how I feel. Can't seem to get it all together. Can't get "caught up." I'm trying but, it's.not.working. Period.

Let me upload a few pics for ya from my vacation. Did I mention I went to the Beach? Destin, Florida to be exact. Great condo (have a picture), kinda, sorta on the beach. Our view from balcony is the gulf. There is a road in front of the condo that is in front of the beach. You'll see on the vid.

Hang on. This could take a moment or two! :) Remember, pause my player to hear my video! Go and get a cup of "Joe" while reading this post. It's a long one. Hey, I've been gone a week. What'd ya expect? LOL
Here goes. Doesn't that cloud look pretty?! 8)

Driving thru tunnel in Mobile, Alabama
Arriving in Destin!!!!!
View from our balcony onto the beach. It is also "Public Access." Only drawback I guess.
Shot from the entrance of our room. There is a golf course there. Quite a few different condos in the area. We were next to "Seascape." Ours was called "Majestic Sun."

Now, I'll post some other "Random" pictures.

My DS and his friend playing out in the water with their "body boards." One of the very few times out there!

This was taken on our first day, Saturday. You'll see other pics where it is completely loaded with people!

Okay, one of the "RARE" times you will see me in a swimsuit. I mean it! Don't even think of using it as blackmail, for it won't work! If it shows up anywhere, I'll know who to come after!!!!!!
My 1st book, almost 1/2 way thru! With one of the bookmarks I made for one of Erin's challenges!
A Rock Climbing Wall and Trampoline. Pretty Cool! Look at all the people out there on the beach now!

DD and DH at "Fudpucker's Restaurant"

Me and DD

We had spent the afternoon at "Big Kahuna's" Waterpark. We then went to celebrate DD's birthday. The BIG 15!!!

Me and DH at "Fudpucker's"

DD getting her "Celebratory" Dessert and enjoying it!

DS and friend who joined us on vacation.

Yep, that's how he wears his hair.

ALL the time!

Well, that's about it in a nutshell.
Weather cleared for us on Tuesday, so the rest of the week was lovely and HOT!!

Hope you enjoyed my little "tutorial!" AND your cup of Joe! Have a great day. Blog ya later...........

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Miss Dana said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time on vacay!!!!! You lucky dog..........I wanted to get to go on vacation this summer. But not gonna happen with a one-month old. LOL.
LOVE the pics....your kids are sooo cute. And happy belated Birthday to your daughter. She's beautiful!!!!!! :-)
Nice cloud on the video ya got there.......lovin' it!!! lol.
I'm sending an email soon to ya!