Friday, July 11, 2008

"Frantic" Friday!?

I don't know if I'm happy or not it's finally Friday. Yes, because, it's been a loooong week back w/the "chikens." No, because the Invitational begins tonite, thankfully DS NOT swimming tonite! Because I have a Volleyball tourney! It's double elimination, so if we lose tonite {possible} we have to lose again next week to be out!{keep fingers crossed!} Oops, did I say that out loud? LOL Anyway, last night I had a game. Thursday nite league is a "brutal" night! I mean, these ladies are out to KILL!! What sucks is, I am so very tired of playing with only 4 people!!! We play against a team that has at least 6 maybe 7! I told Michelle, {who again wasn't there!} "Look, I'm old and I tire easily!" hahahahahaha! Now, we managed to win the 2nd game and almost took the 3rd game, but ........... I swear, Thursday night games make my Friday night games a "Sunday stroll!" Now Wednesdays are a good warm up to the Thurs games! Friday night's game, well, a very "slow walk in the park!" I'm too competitive to be playing then. My DH and I are looking to start our own team to play Fridays. And we have some GREAT people to ask! I'm sure most will say yes. You know, I'm gonna pull from my Wed/Thurs leagues! ;)

Let me post my PAD. I got "Creative" w/it! Decided to do it "Digitally."

It's simply done, but I thought I would practice some of my "Skillz!" Well, that's it, gotta go and get some laundry done. ugh. Have a great day and weekend. I'll come back at the end of the weekend, hopefully with pictures from the Invitational! Blog ya later................

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Chrispea said...

Love the layout. I like to play with digi brushes. I hope you get some rest this weekend!!