Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, well, well. Seems to have been a long road getting here this week! But, I finally made it. I, unfortunately have a late game tonight, 9 p.m. Hate when it's that late, cuz then, I don't want to go! I'm hoping to lose then we'd be out of playoffs. It's been 2 weeks since we played last. We lost the first game. We'll see what happens.

You know I've been cooking my meals with my crockpot, right? Well, I neglected to tell you how it's been going! Last night's meal was "Salsa Chicken." DH had to work. I went to pick up my "Beach Babe" daughter. Then I picked up my DS and his friend. I had a V-ball game at 7 last night, so, I didn't eat. Neither did DH. DD was tired and had eaten on way back from beach and DS ate at friend's. Oh well, leftovers!! I returned home about 9 last night and my DD said to me: "OMG! This is my 2nd bowl. I'm full, but I'm gonna finish." She really enjoyed it! I had cooked some rice. White. BUT, I amped it up! I took a seasoning pack of "Sazon" and some 'gravy' from the Salsa Chicken and replaced some of the water to cook rice. It actually looked and tasted like "Spanish Rice!" So the Chicken Salsa was served over that. DH is having it for lunch today. Don't know yet how he liked it. Need to go to Stephi's site and plan for next week! I think I might have to go and buy another crockpot. Darn! ;)
Well, it really is a slow "news day." Sorry. Guess cuz I was "stressed" this week. I'll try and be better next week and at least have pictures! I hope to finish the "Dance Book" so I'll post that! Have a good one. Blog ya later.....................


kellie bean said...


Hope you had a great (albeit late) night...and won...or lost...or whatever. hee-hee!

Miss Dana said...

Sorry I'm late girl........but I'm sure you were soooo happy it was FINALLY Friday for you!!!!!!!
Love those days, especially when schools in session. Ha ha!
Yummy!!! That 'Chicken Salsa' seems good. Did you eat it or just hubby & kids?!
Never have I used my crockpot in almost five months...ashame, huh??!
Need to use it soon b/c it can't just 'sit' up in the cabinet all year.
Anyway, here's to a brand-new week!!!