Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yeah!!!!!! Our swim team is in 2nd place! We won against Riverlands last night, who, by the way, WERE undefeated! IF and this is a big IF, they win against Larayo Thursday, all 3 teams will be in a tie for 1st place! Hey, there is always a chance. It was very tight last night. We were only ahead by about 50 points and we still had the Relays! Points are only given in Relays for the Winning Team. We won 7 relays, so we cinched our win, by over 100 points!!!! This is the first time our Swim Team has ever been in 2nd Place! The highest we've gotten was 3rd! Our kids swam fast last night!!! It was awesome! I've posted some pics and videos.

A very dark cloud looming overhead! It dispersed. Thank goodness!

Warm ups, or "cool downs." It was so hot!

My DS getting ready to practice!

The sun finally setting, out of our faces that is!

Well, 4 more days! Already started making a list. Of lists. One is a list of what to bring, condiment wise. The other is a list of groceries to buy once we get there. The last one is a list of what clothing to pack! I've already packed my magazines and books!! LOL I am ready! Not sure what time we are leaving yet. Ooh, gotta check the codes to get in! {reminder to self}

Tonite is my ds' last night for guitar class. He missed last week. I have my "dancercise" class tonite, which will be my last one, for I'm on vacation next week. A friend of mine will be missing class tonite because she, her dd and mom are going to see Carrie Underwood tonite!!!!! So jealous! Tomorrow night I have a Volleyball game, Thursday night, another game and Friday night we usually play, but we have a Wedding to go to!!! Only going to make it to the reception for a little bit. DH has a detail that would have him finish too late to attend the ceremony. It is one of his deputy's who used to work on his shift, that is getting married. We haven't had a wedding to go to in a long while. I'll be thinking about what I didn't pack!! Making lists in my head! LOL

Well, gonna go now. Gotta stuff a roast to cook. Gonna shred it to make BBQ Beef Sandwiches on our trip! YUM! Have a good day. Blog ya later......................


kellie bean said...

Whew! You've got a lot goin' on today! That'll be me next week - we're going to Disney World. Have a fun, safe trip!


Miss Dana said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!!!!! I can't believe she is finally here!!!! Ah, I love her. Her name is Jehnna. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time on vaca. SOOO not fair that your friend got to go see CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!! Lucky for sure! ;-)