Monday, June 2, 2008


That is all I have to say! Saturday was a blur. I did manage to post my last PAD4M on CKMB. How sad!? That will appear at the end of post. I also went to get my nails done, twice! Don't.ask.! In between appointments, I managed to go and buy an external hard drive, 500 GB for, ready for this? Less than $100! I know. You're thinking, "she got scammed!" But I didn't. I'm telling you, the "Man" works in mysterious ways. Since I got started with the whole "Digi" thing, I knew I needed a better way to store everything. Started researching on the internet, checking my first choice, first, Office Depot. Just so happens, they're having a sale! I check it out, check out the hard drives. Read up on a couple and BAM! Found a "good one." 250 GB for $80, until I read further. Same make and model. 500 gb for $90. Helllllooooooo. $10 more AND I get 250 more gb! What was there to think about? Reviews were great. So. End of story.

After that, returned to the "scene of the crime", my nails. 1st off, I am not one to pamper myself, truly I am not and when I do go, I'm not a complainer. But when you have a nail tech who is a perfectionist, well...'nuf said. THEN I went to a friend's who is moving to get a futon for my son's room. After that, cook dinner, change clothes, then off to purchase a new t.v. for our bedroom! Always fun. In the back of my head, I knew I still needed to "adjust" my daughter's costume, not to mention make sure I wake up in time to leave for the "Mandatory Rehearsal." {I'll post some pics of that at end also ;)}

Okay, now it's Sunday. BTW, Friday nite had a V-ball game and actually WON 2 out of 3 games! Apparently, that was a first! I'm telling ya, it's me. all me. ;) LOL

Okay, Sunday. Stopped for coffee. Made it to the Center. There @ 2 hrs. Got lunch for dd. Headed over to get hair done. not fun. did not go well. don't ask. won't tell. Get home in time to bathe, dress, "adjust" costume {w/staples!}, leave, stand in line, get in door, start promptly at 6 p.m. Out of there at 8:15 p.m. Head for dinner. Home by 10 p.m. in bed at 10:30. I'm tired. Typical Monday, too. Won't even explain. If you have children, you'll know. ;) Whew. That's it in a nutshell. Took over 300 pictures! About 100 are no good. Would love to get a new camera w/a great lens, but hey, my friend's cousin was there taking pics again, and I KNOW he'll have GREAT pictures. He's not a professional, he just plays one! He'll upload to Shutterfly, then I'll download the ones I want. That simple. My dd's friend took some pics that night while I manned the video. Good thing I purchased a DVD! Actually, it isn't bad. A lot of little ones that I used to keep, dance so, I video'd them, up close. THAT won't be on the DVD! Now, I just need to figure out the BEST way to get it off the video tape and put on computer. The camera actually has a memory stick, but apparently that only records 10 secs at a time. At least, I think so anyway. I don't have a manual for it. It was given to me. My son has used it a bit. Guess I should have tried it before last night?! Oh well, that's why I purchased DVD!

K, gotta go. Will put pics here that I mentioned above. Son has first Swim Meet tonite. It is against a "rival" club who isn't even in our own Swim League. I'm working it. Should be fun. Don't know if I'll get any pics tonite, but darn it, I'll try!

I'm laughing to myself now, for after yesterday and last nite taking all those pictures, my children finally got fed up. A few of my friends laughed at my "Mamarazzi" comment. My kids said, "Mom, do you know what happens to those guys who keep shoving cameras in faces? They get it shoved back in theirs!" they DID NOT just threaten their OWN MOTHER!? rotfl ;) This was at the restaurant! where o where did I go wrong? hee hee hee. Have a great night. Blog ya later.............

PAD4M last one. boo hoo. it is of my back yard. Since I posted my front yard/house days ago, thought I would "share" the back!

Some of these are blurry, but hey, I got 'em!

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