Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wow, Thursday already!

I totally missed Wednesday! I'm sorry. Kinda "crazy" around here! I actually didn't have to be anywhere last night. :-O That'll change. Next week. In fact, I'm somewhere, every evening next week and the next! Until the end of the month, when I go on vacation!! Just a little over 2 weeks left. Not that I'm counting! ;) {look to the right!}

But, I'm not counting. Okay, let me post my last 2 days PAD4June.

Caught a "Honey Bee"

My "mess" I am currently trying to work on Erin's weekend project: bookmark made w/SB supplies. Since I put most of my supplies in the cabinet in the kitchen last weekend, I am able to work!! Okay, I know, it looks messy, but in my defense, it is my kitchen, and we had to eat! So, things got "shoved" aside! Did use the underside of an old mouse pad to stamp on! That is the greatest trick! It helps for coverage, instead of using my hard mat! Some wonderful person from CKMB posted this a while back! Today, I just might get to do some of my "Dash." I haven't purchased anything, but I haven't had time to scrap either!

I registered for Jessica Sprague's next digi class, "Now We're Rockin." It starts next week. Can't wait. Need to keep practicing. I did do a couple of digi pages. 2 of them are "Quick Pages" and the other is a "random" one I did.

They are 8x8 layouts. Lori Barnhurst is the designer of the quickpages. I am trying to give credit where it's due. Believe me when I say this, I am not that "original" when it comes to creativity. I apologize in advance for using anyone's designs and I forget to mention! I truly believe in "copyright" and NOT stealing!! Just wanted to put that out there! The bottom LO is of my birthday. Too funny a day. I used Dragonfly brushes on the LO. I took the grid and turned it. It originally came from Jessica's 1st class "U&R." I'm just trying to remember certain "tricks" to PSE and trying to put it all together. I'm gonna have to make a "cheat sheet" so I can remember!! Of course, I'm gonna also have to organize my "digi" stuff on my hard drive also, so I'll know where everything is!

Well, tonight I have a volleyball game and my ds has a swim meet. I'll be dropping him off, going to my game, then returning to the meet. Both events begin at 6:30. I should be back at his by 8 at the latest. Probably will only miss 1 of his events. DH has a detail at the airport, his usual. Tomorrow, I have to make my spinach/artichoke dip to bring to a surprise party. I have to be there BY 6:30! DH is going to go play ball, cause they need at least 2 guys. I doubt he'll meet me at the party, so I'll go it alone! My dd will be babysitting for one of the partygoers. I'll pick her up after, so that the parents don't have to drive all the way to my house! I'll already be more than 1/2 way there anyway!

Gonna go now. Only have 2 chikens now, expectin' 1 more. I'll more than likely get laundry done so I won't have to worry with it this weekend! Have a GREAT DAY!! Blog ya later................

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Hayley said...

That's what my scrap area looks like right now!!! Im hoping to get in there and clean it up later today so I can start working on the rest of the bday and anniv cards for this month.