Monday, June 9, 2008

What a Morning!

I like to consider myself a "Good Friend", I really do. I think I am a "Good Friend." I KNOW I am a "Good Friend." My dad always taught me, "You can count your good friends on 1 hand and still have fingers left over." These are people that "have your back." People, that in times of sorrow, sadness, good times and fun, will be there for you, no matter what. Well this morning, a "Good Friend" who used to be a neighbor called looking for my DH. She happened to tell me her husband was missing and he left a note! I will not go into details. You can figure it out. I called my DH and he automatically went over to their house. To make a long story, short, he was found, okay. They brought him to the hospital. Procedure. Which is great. Apparently, work has been too much. I'm glad it ended the way it did. Another incident did not. My BIL's co-worker was found. No note or anything.

I can understand. Really. Would I ever? NO. Call me chicken, call me lazy, but I'll be around to call!! Life sucks. It does. But we have to put our faith in His hands. He is the only one who truly understands. I have been in some pretty low situations. I've worked thru it. I have 2 children who need me. I was blessed with them. My DH and I thought we would never have children. Grant it, they weren't the easiest of deliveries, but again, we worked thru them. I guess what I'm saying is, don't let "embarassment" get the best of you. If you need help, cry out, ask, go to the people who you know, will help, by either finding the right person, or just even a shoulder to cry on. Just do it. Think of all the lives you will help.

Now, let's lighten this up a bit. Here's a chuckle: I got stung by a bee yesterday at the pool!!! Can you believe it? And I'm still here. Used to be severely allergic, but it's been more than 20 years since the last one and thankfully, it was isolated. Immediately put ice on it, then a friend had some "sting relief." It was as big as a golf ball at first and that lil booger hurt. I am no stranger to pain and can handle it with the best of them, but there is something about a wasp sting that really stings!!! I'm okay today. I told my DH last night, when he got home and I was sleeping, please wake me, to make sure I would wake up! LOL @ 10 p.m. called him and said, Never Mind! If anything was too happen, it would have already. I was tired, I was going to sleep and I intended on staying asleep until I had to wake this morning!

On my way home from the pool, I see one of my ds' friend's walking. He lives up the same street. I offered him a ride, because it was hot! and he said "I would appreciate it. My bike got stolen." WHAT! From in front of the club? He said, yes, it's over there, that boy is riding it. I immediately stopped the van, put it in reverse and preceded to go get it back! Poor child. He was saying, "No, don't go get it. He looks mean!" He was so worried. Nonetheless, I proceeded down the little shell road that runs along the railroad tracks and goes to another street. {Great shortcut;)} I stop, roll down my window, {still in drive, mama didn't raise no fool!} and said, "Excuse me, my son would like his bike back." He mumbled something. "That's his bike and he worked hard for it and I'd appreciate it, if you would return it." He did. Put it inside the van. Brought "my son" home. He thanked me. I told him, "tell your dad to take you to the hardware store and get a lock." "SUPER MOM" to the rescue. Told you, I am a GOOD FRIEND! His mom thanked me this morning. It really bugs me that kids do this! First of all, they do not belong at the club. Secondly, you mean to tell me, the people in the fitness center didn't see these kids? Hellooooooo, you have really LARGE windows that open up into the parking lot! Obviously, they didn't want to be bothered, for it wasn't, oh, I don't know, let's just say, THEIR CAR being stolen!! Give me a break!!

Okay, let me post my pic of the day. It is a shot of my white crepe myrtle tree starting to bloom. Lots of honey bees swarm it. Funny thing is, they don't bother any one. It's cool to stand underneath and listen to them buzz. Maybe I'll try to get it on video!

Have a great day. My son has a swim meet tonight at home and I'm not working it, so maybe I can get some decent pictures! Blog ya later.................................


Miss Dana said...

You are a great friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your pretty sweet LOL
Anyway, thanks. How was your birthday???!!! Oh and Olive Garden is soooooooo good. ;-)
You guys mist love it.
And 10 days and counting.......

Anonymous said...

You ARE a good friend!!...Have been one to me AS SOON AS YOU MET ME on CKMB!! ;)

Sorry about the bee sting... :(

Have fun on vacation! ;)

Anonymous said...

BTW...Happy Belated Birthday! ;)