Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, it's Friday. Another day closer for me and vacation!! Soon I will be "hunting and gathering" all my supplies needed for a "WEEK on the BEACH!" My books are all ready! This is what I'm bringing to read: 'Savannah Blues' by Mary Kay Andrews. She is a funny author who writes 'Southern, humorous stories.' Very good find. Next is author Sophie Kinsella. She writes the "Shopaholic" series. I'm bringing, 'The Undomestic Goddess' and 'Shopaholic & Baby' {3rd in the series, read other 2}. Then there is 'Baby Proof' by Emily Giffin. She also wrote & I read, "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue". Those were just as funny. And last, but not least, one of my most favorite authors, Patricia Cornwell. This might be the most serious book I am bringing. It is called, 'The Front.' It is not her coroner series. It is 2nd after "At Risk" another crime fighting drama. It is a small book, 180 pages, so, this can definitely be read in a day! The others average about 350 pages, but they read quickly! That should hold me a couple of days, you think? LOL Hey, I got no schedule! I've already started "juicing" up my MP3, adding/deleting songs. It also has an FM radio on it, so I'll start researching stations in the area! My chair is ready, although, I think I just my rent a chair and umbrella for the week on the beach! I'll get 2, in case my DH wants to sit by me, ya know, to ward off any "suspecting" suitors who think I'm available, and is just 'pretending' to read to get attention!! Hey, he's a cop now, gotta make him feel capable! LOL I don't care, whatever keeps him feeling like a "MAN!" I ended up making bookmarks for Erin's Weekly Contest. I made 5! Got carried away. Figured, 1 for each book I'm bringing! ;) Here is a pic I submitted for the contest:

Okay, last night was a busy night, for me. AND TIRING! DH brought ds to his swim meet, I had a volleyball game, starting at same time. Get to the gym for the game, of course the 1 girl I know, isn't there. She is famous for being late and sure enough, she called and said, "2 minutes away" which means more like 10! There are 4 of us there. 4. only. against 8. other team. 8! So we start. other girl hasn't arrived yet. playing a team that ALWAYS wins FIRST PLACE! joy. woohoo. excited. Well, needless to say, lost. only had 5 points. surprise. Another surprise. When the girl, who is always late shows up, she is playing a whole, I don't know, 45 seconds, when another teammate injures herself!! Can you believe it? Back to 4. 4 people against 8! OMG!!! 2nd game. took a slight lead, 1 point! kept it going. time was up. lost.again. This time by only a couple of points. We actually held our own! woohoo. 3rd and final. long volleys. hard hits. lots of running. points. game over. time up. again. lost. again. Only by a few points again. Thankfully, the other 3 I played with CAN play, so, it wasn't our ability, just lack of people to fill the "holes!" I was dripping. wet. sweaty. whatever you want to call it! I was tired. Did I mention? I was/am the only player on the team, over 40!!!! I'm feeling it this morning. more like I'm 60! My shoulders ache. my back aches. I used muscles that haven't been stretched like that before! C'mon Aleve, kick in NOW!!!! I hope it works. I have a poker party to go to tonite! Good thing it's not physical! Oops, forgot who I was playing with tonite, it just could get physical! hahahaha!

15 more days. can't wait.

Here is my PAD4J for today. Last night on the MB, Toni posted a tutorial {directions ;) } on how to take a picture with a "blurred" background, to make your subject "POP." Great instructions. So, this is my version:

It is a garden stake that happens to be in a planter on my porch. I love dragonflies! I need something with a larger background, so it is blurred just right! I'll keep practicing! Need to find the manual for my camera so I can play with the settings.

Last night I only missed my ds swim the "Freestyle." He took 3rd! I saw him swim "Back" {1st!} and "Fly" {3rd} He also swam in the Relays. Team took 1st in both! We have 1 more "home" meet, then the next 3 are away! Here is some video from Monday's meet:

The first one is the "Medley Relay" took 1st. 2nd one is the "Free Relay" also took first! Our girls, though, always beat our boys! They are faster!

Gonna go. Have to cook some spinach for my 'Spinach/Artichoke Dip' I'm making tonight for the party. I don't really play poker, so, I'll just end up 'donating' my $20! I'll have fun anyway! Have a GREAT day. Blog ya later..........................


Hayley said...

I tired just reading all that, lol!!

Great pic!!! I got my 50mm 1.8 lens about a month ago. I makes for some awesome bokeh (fancy word for the blurred background).

Have a great weekend!!


Jennifer said...

Great beach book choices!! I've read all of the Shopaholic series and the three Emily Giffin books...You'll really like "Baby Proof" - I'm looking forward to getting her latest, "Love the One Your With", to read at the beach later this summer!!

Jenn (CKMB Jenn4639)