Friday, June 6, 2008

Update on the Update

Okay, it got to 89 degrees in my house! Dropped 2 degrees after 4. Whew! About 5:30 the window unit in the kitchen was up and running. New oscillating fan cooling living room. Bedroom unit running at 6 p.m. Starting to cool off a bit. Great. DH and I left @ 7 to go play ball. @ 8:30 return to car, missed calls from DD, 1 with a voicemail. Apparently, she tripped a circut and BOTH AC's went out, along with 1/2 her room and ours! Then, SHE LEAVES!! My poor son is by himself! I told her to get her but home and press the "Reset" buttons in kitchen and bath. No luck. We were only 10 mins away. By this time, AC's hadn't been running for about an hour!!! DH goes to breakers and resets a few. That does the trick. It is now almost 10:30 at night and it is 84 in the house STILL! Guess I'm not going to bed anytime soon. At least until my DD gets home, which should be soon!

AC will be installed tomorrow. Should be done by lunchtime. Good. We planned on boiling crawfish and such for my birthday. DH said he had to go out and get my gift. WHAT! We just "shelled out" over $300 for window units, not too mention $1400 for a new AC, don't be STUPID! I just want to go on vacation! Now. Not in 21 days. Oh well. I do want to get my scrap stuff out of my totes and put away into the cabinet thingy in the kitchen! I do need to go get storage stuff. That could be my birthday gift. Seriously. I'm a simple person. Don't need much.

Alrighty, gotta go. DS needs to get off his LAZY BUTT and gather the garbage to put out. I'll keep ya posted on the AC process. Have a good night everyone! Blog ya later!

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