Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tidbits of Dance

**{don't forget to MUTE player B4 viewing video!}

Okay, the 1st video is of the very beginning of the opening number. DD is the blonde on the stairs. In the 2nd one, she is "Brenda." This was recorded on a memory stick that apparently only holds, like, 10 seconds! Unfortunately, when I did record it, on the tape, I got the last half of it! I video'd certain people I knew. It is not great by any means, but when I got "close up" it looked better. Now I just have to figure out how, or the best way to get it off the tape, onto the computer!

Here is my PAD4June, day 4

It is a new chest I got to put into my kitchen. Over a year ago, we had our floors done. Well the china cabinet that was in there, was originally my dh's grandmother's. He gave it to his brother who also had the table and chairs and the room for it all! Anyway, there are 5 small drawers on the left, large bottom drawer and the right side has shelves. It is the perfect size for where we need it! I'll put it all together tonight. Yea, I get to get the stuff I packed away in boxes 15 mos ago!!!! Now, I don't have no fancy china, but I did put away wine glasses and my silverware chest. I can honestly say, I've had no wine for a year!!!! OMG! Time to "fall of that wagon" now! ;-)p

Guess I'll go cook some rice. "chikens" are eating Red Beans and Rice for lunch today. I'll Blog ya later........................


Ericka said...

i just watched Hairpray again this weekend at my retreat!! your daughter is beautiful!!

elizabeth said...

Hi veronica!!

hope all is well with you!!