Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you guys for your support and prayers! They are both, greatly appreciated!

Yesterday was long and hard! I was mostly upset for my children. It was the first time they've ever attended a funeral. It was hard watching them upset! I was asked if I thought they would want to bring the "gifts" up, so I asked and they agreed! I was proud. My son even volunteered to be a Pall Bearer. I was very proud! I asked him if he was all right with doing it and he said yes! He is only 12, but, standing there with longtime, dear family friends, he was a young man! It still brings tears to my eyes. I had great support of my friends with me. I managed to read the reading. My voice carried well, I was clear and I spoke, not too fast! That is usually a problem for me! Towards the end, I did have to take a longer pause than usual, to take a deep breath, relax a bit, then complete the reading. I did not look up at all, for if I would have, I probably wouldn't have been able to do the reading. My DH was proud of me. He said there would have been no way, he could have done that, in those circumstances. I understand.

It was great seeing "old family friends." It is a shame, that it takes something like that, for you to see/visit people. But, I guess, that's what happens, Life Happens! When leaving my BIL's house, I told my oldest BIL, not to forget where we live! Boys are different. They all live relatively close, but they aren't really "close" to each other. KWIM? And now that both their parents are gone, there is no "mediator" to bring them all together! I guess, you're either real close in the beginning and you remain that way, or, each one just lives their lives, only seeing each other on holidays! They fall, unfortunately, in the latter. I, of course, am no better. But, it isn't for lack of trying. I have 2 younger sisters. 1 lives minutes away and is 6 yrs younger than me. The other 1, 2 yrs younger, 3 children of her own, but lives a little more than an hour away! That's her decision. She has "issues" of her own. But, I'm done trying w/her! My father lives minutes away also, and we "try" to see him often, but LIFE Happens! We were there Father's Day and are trying to make it a priority to go on the weekends to swim with the kids. Sundays look like a good day. We can throw something on the grill!

Okay, let's "lighten" it up a bit! I need to wake up anyway! Last night, had to drive all the way to Vacherie for a swim meet. Now, the weather was HORRIBLE! Never fails. Whenever we go to their club, the meet NEVER finishes. We always have to "re-schedule" to complete the meet. AND we always lose. Well, we arrived in great time. Sat in the car, for it was still raining a little, but was clearing. By the time the meet started, the rain had stopped. No lightning, no thunder. GOOD. We managed to stay ahead during the meet. Now, time for the relays. Not a very good time for us. Especially tonite, for a lot were missing due to baseball/softball playoffs! Lost a couple of relays :( The 9-10 yro and the 13-14 yro groups! 11-12 and the 15-18 groups, OMG! Some very close calls! By a mere 19 points...............................

WE WON!!!!! This is a tough swim club to beat. That now raises our "standings" in the Parish League! We have 1 more meet, Monday night against a really tough club. They have over 200 swimmers!! We have 120. Usually with this club, they beat us in the Relays!! Keep your fingers crossed. Last year, our Club was 3rd in the Parish with 7 teams total. We would like to get at least 2nd this year!! It means $$$$ for our Swim Team! I am posting a few pics from last night!

PAD4June 19th and 20th. The 19th is from last night. The moon, when it finally came out from behind all the clouds, was a really pretty reddish orange! I tried to take a decent picture, but there was too much going on, that I just "snapped" it.

Today's is a picture of a plant we received from our neighbors yesterday along with 2 lavender roses my dd and I took off the casket's bouquet.

Well, dh and I have a volleyball game tonight at 6:30. Glad it's early. Hope to get back, shower, put on my "ja ja's" and "chill out" the rest of the weekend. In fact, I'm thinking I won't get out of my "ja ja's" all weekend! ;) Have a great one. Blog ya later...


kellie bean said...

So, so sorry for your loss. I remember you saying that she'd been ill for some time, but it's just never easy, is it? I think you're wonderful for doing the reading at her funeral. I'm sure it meant so much to your dh. Blessings to you all out there.


Hayley said...

Again, I am sorry for your loss. I have been keeping you and you family in my prayers.

Congrats on winning the swim meet and good luck at the volleyball game!!


Dettao said...

HI Veronica. Sorry to hear about your loss. From your comment about reading at Mass, I'm guessing you are Catholic. So am I. I am a regular lector at our church. Are you a lector, too?