Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sorry to leave you out of the "Loop!"

Sorry Guys! Kinda just "numbly" going thru these last couple of days! The outpouring of support has been phenonmenal!! Thank you. I've decided to do a Reading at the mass tomorrow! Whew, haven't done that since my mom's service, 9 yrs ago. I really hope I can get thru it without getting too emotional. Have to make sure I don't look at my DH or BIL's faces. Might not have to look up at all. Going to have to remember to breathe and take it slow. Have a tendancy to speak quickly. I'm clear, but fast!

Say a little prayer for me.

Here are my PAD's from the last couple of days. 1st one, had to make an early morning run, for, ds drank the last and negated to tell me! So I bought 3! That'll last 'til Saturday! Next one is, well, you'll see! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

I'll post again, more than likely, Friday. DS has a big swimmeet tomorrow night. As of right now, we plan on attending. We'll have to leave about 4:30 p.m. to drive the 50 minutes it takes to get there. Trying to keep things "normal." Especially with my kids. No need to "dwell", KWIM?
Have a GREAT, BLESSED day with family and friends. Blog ya later.......


Miss Dana said...

I hope all goes well w/ the mass tomorrow!!!!!! You'll be in my prayers.
I hope you're doing okay!?
Let me know.....

Miss Dana said...
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Hayley said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family!!


Brock Family said...

Aren't you just loving the Now We're Rockin class...jessica is awesome! And what about those Tigers...they pull it off every time! Even though I went to Mississippi State, LSU is my second favorite college team!!!