Monday, June 16, 2008

Seriously. I needed the whole pot! PAD4June. Little did I know it would turn out later, I should have drank it all!

These pictures were taken on Father's Day at my dad's house. This is my sister and ds. Nanny and "doodlebug" {godson}
This is dd and ds playing "Colors." Actually, I think it is a "reason" to drown his sister!!! LOL

This is a little video of dd and ds racing. It ran out before I actually finished filming. I didn't realize I didn't have the card in camera, so it directly went to the actual camera and the memory filled! Thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful day, for earlier in the morning, it was STORMING!! We actually had a "Flash Flood Warning!" About 11:30, sun came out and stayed out! My sis and I played Backgammon most of the day! I think we came out even! All in all, it was a pretty relaxing day. We need to go there more often. I mean, my dad only lives 15 mins. away, it's not like it's far. We had Brisket and BBQ chicken. Corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw. Just enough food!

Okay, swim meet tonight. Last home meet. Guess I'll eat dinner there! The Judge my DH works for is sponsoring the Jambalaya tonight. So I guess, I'll eat some. Blog ya later.......................

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Miss Dana said...

Aww, I'm glad ya got to have a great day with your dad and hubby and the rest of your family. LOL and I LOVE the video of your daughter and son racing. Reminds me of my two kids......................
Anyway, yep. They are inducing. I just might try doing that tomorrow night. Ahhhhhh, hopefully it DOES work on me. Lol
But I'll def. let you know.
Have a great night.