Thursday, June 26, 2008


Did you lookie over to the right side of my blog? Did ya? You don't know? Gosh, it's making "headline" news! Okay, maybe just in my house! LOL 2 MORE DAYS!!! I've not washed clothes, nor have I packed, but I'm ready!!! I haven't been home to do anything yet. Now, not only do we have a wedding to go to Friday night, DH came home with some fundraising function for one of the Judges he works for! It's paid for, so, I guess we'll stop in there before going to the wedding reception. I really want to be home before 10 p.m. so I can finishing packing {okay, START!} and be asleep by midnight! Anyone who knows me, knows, everytime I plan to do something, it always goes by the wayside!! ;) Oh well.
Found out that the condo has internet! Beach by day, CKMB by night! Who needs sleep? Hey, that's what vacation is for, no schedule, no routine! I will have to share some pics with you guys! I know you want to go with me. Come on, let's go! Just know, I'm going, not worrying about anybody but myself!! Already warned DH, better get conversation out in the car ride down, cause once I hit that beach, I'm "Checked Out!" LOL
Would like to post the last couple of PADs, but Photobucket is down due to "maintenance." Supposed to have been a short while, but it's been over an hour!! I don't know what their "short while" is, but it is anything but short!
Okay, I'll be back later to post pics and anything else I deem "important!" ;) Later.....

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