Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Funny!!

you have to click on this link! It is from a friend of mine. I can't explain, but it fits her to a "T"


For the last, I don't know, 8 yrs maybe, she has been "making" me a Doberge cake! I'm still waiting...................... okay, she did just move into a new house, husband changed jobs and returned to his old one. OH! her husband's birthday was last Tuesday and a surprise party is being held in his honor on Friday. A Poker party. I don't play. I just donate $$$ AND I am bringing food! Always. In fact, I wasn't sure what I was bringing, but I might bring a double/triple batch of Spinach & Artichoke dip.
Allright, I'm tired. Went to my "Dancercise" class. It was fun. I told the instructor, "My daughter definitely DOES NOT get her dancing skills from me!" LOL I'm more "athletic" than "dramatic" They all laughed. They could relate. They have daughters who dance there as well. We ended the session, dancing the "Harlem Shuffle." THAT I can do. Well. Need to teach daughter. She'll laugh. I'm sure.
Have a good night. See ya tomorrow............

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Hayley said...

Funny card!!! Oh and LOVE spinach artichoke dip!!!