Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last One, I Promise!!

Okay, here is my PAD4June #7. Right before the gentlemen came to replace my AC, this is what the temperature was:

This was the temp this morning with the window units in kitchen and our bedroom running.It took me 3 photos to realize that the "Day" is wrong on the thermostat! I corrected it when it was all installed and running. It messess up my schedule if the days are off! It took a long time for the house to cool down because it was soooo hot today! My sister called and told me it was storming at her house! She lives 6 miles away!! I wish we would have had rain, would have cooled down the house faster! It took the 2 guys, 1 hour, start to finish, to put the new unit in! Showed up at 9 and at 10:10 were gone! Now, THAT, was fast! Had a couple of errands to run and DH went with me. We were planning on boiling crawfish today, for my birthday, but I decided against it because 1. too hot and 2. just doled out $$$ for AC's! Decided to grill some steaks instead. Had baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, salad, and bread. Actually sat at the table and ate! DD's friend was over and commented on how we sit at the table to eat dinner. We said, we like to, but our schedules lately haven't allowed. Usually use t.v. trays and sit in living room! DD baked me a cake, chocolate w/added chocolate chips and frosted it with chocolate frosting and added "Sprinkles." I bought a candle that was a "?", thought it was funny. Her friend took pics. Will post later. Birthday is actually tomorrow. DD went to sleep over at friend's house tonight. When DH returns, he, DS and I will watch "National Treasure 2." DS saw it at the movies. DH and I never saw it. I have the first one and when this one came out, had to get it!

Gonna go now. Want to organize my digital supplies. Have a good night. I'll blog ya later.............................

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