Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just WHAT day is today? :*}

Tuesday? Really? Cause I'm not real sure anymore. And we're in June, right?

Whew! After last night's swim meet, I'm tired. You'd think I did all the swimming! I was a "Runner." For those who are "Swim Meet" impaired, there are many "jobs" at meets. Stroke Judges, Clerk of Courts {basically, line the little ones up!}, Place Judges, Timers, Starter, Ribbon Writers and then there's lil' ol' me, RUNNER! Apparently, there is not a "shift" change or a "break" given to "RUNNERS." What we, RUNNERS do, is simple, we gather all the slips from the Place Judges and the Stroke Judges and turn them in to the Ribbon Writers. Sounds pretty simple right? Why am I complaining, right? Put my "big girl panties" on, suck it up and deal with it, right? Well, let me just tell you one thing, however 'minor' you may think it is; I am already "RUNNING" AROUND ALL DAY W/THESE 'CHIKENS!' And to have to go from 6 p.m. until the end, which was 10 p.m. last night, these 'chikens' are lucky to have me functioning today!!! My legs ache, my back aches and those tiny little veins on my legs aren't so tiny any more!! Now. I'm done. Thanks for listening. I think. ;) LOL

Posting my PAD4June, day 3. It's my calendar for June! All I can say, I am glad my children finished school last week! DS has practice Mon thru Fri at 8:15 a.m.! It's 1 hour. Last week and this week, he has been going to a friend's house after, riding the 4-wheeler. Today, after noon, they went back to the club/pool to "hang out." He'll come home later, only to shower and leave, again, to go to his 1st guitar lesson that is being given by our worship leader at our church. He is actually excited about it. Once I drop him off, I'll head over to the grocery. If not, we go hungry all week! ;) Between the dance recital and the swim meets and me getting time to play v-ball, there isn't any time for grocery shopping. I already figured, I'd get to sleep, uh, July 1st, when my butt is on the beach!!!!! Yeah buddy! BTW, it looks like I have every Wednesday open on my calendar. not true. start V-ball next week. just haven't gotten times/schedule yet!!! That's 3 nights Wed - Fri, I play ball!! I'm almost as bad as some kids!! Almost.

Well, gonna go. Actually had some ground beef in the freezer, so I'm making burgers for dinner. Gonna go pick up the kitchen after the chikens' breakfast and lunch.

Enjoy your evening. BTW, good thing I didn't bring my camera last night. Barely had time to watch my own child swim his event, much less take pics. Maybe Thursday?

Blog ya later.................................... ;)


Miss Dana said...

Wow girl!!!!!!!!!!! SO much going on for you!! LOL
I've been busy myself......between going to doctors, dance revues, and cleaing....its been total crazy.
But yeah, hope you're doing great.
BTW, I posted a picture of my house and kids, so take a look when ya get the chance!!!!!

Miss Dana said...

Oh, don't feel that way!!!!! It's totally fine. I was looking at your blog today and thought that you had forgotten about me LOL.
But I'm glad that you now have read my new 'posts'. Thanks for letting me know.