Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I did not want/ask...

for postitive reinforcement about being a good friend. But, THANK YOU, it is appreciated, but I wasn't asking. I was simply stating/venting, whatever you may want to call it. 'Nuf said on that.

Let me start by posting my PAD4June #10 {gosh, already!}. My DH apparently bought and planted this without my knowledge! It isn't bad, it's just the location! Anyway, it is starting to bloom!

Last night we had a swim meet against a local club, Sun Villa. My dd has friends who go there and swim. My dd apparently doesn't swim this year! My ds did really well. Until the "wall" incident. Or, "missing" the wall! I can't believe! He was doing the backstroke, in the lead, a very LARGE lead. Actually came in first. In the first heat. BUT.... he DID NOT TOUCH THE WALL!! on his "flip turn." He totally missed it and got disqualified (DQ'd) BUMMER!! I've attached video of the Relays. He swam Back in the Medley and swam last leg in the Free Relay. We won our swim meet. Not sure of the score, because it was "padded" so not to embarrass the other team. We were told, Hill Heights 213, Sun Villa 116. We have more swimmers in more events than they did.

I wasn't supposed to work this meet and work Thursday's, but, since I have a game Thursday, I decided to help out a friend and be a "Place Judge." Let me tell you, that ain't no easy job! OMG, there were some "close calls" and we were told, "Go to who you saw." There were at least 3 different times the other place judge and I didn't have the same swimmer! I think the points just get divided. When I was choosing the other team, she was choosing our team! Oh well. I guess it all works out in the "wash." Tonight my ds has guitar at our church and I have my first "dance" class with my dd's teacher!! Go figure. There are about 8 of us "Moms" taking her first session. I will miss the last class, due to being on vacation, but that'll be okay. I'm looking forward to the exercise.

Well, I have a new "chiken" today. He will be starting with me, full time, in the Fall. His mom is a teacher. He still needs to get "adjusted." He is 18mos. Just as cute as can be. She knows that I am going on a "yearly" basis and can't promise that I'll be available next school year. I am on my 10th year! I'm getting tired. Time for a change.

Have a great day. Blog ya later.........................

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