Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today is the day we celebrate our Father's. And to that, "Thank you." I first want to let my dad know, Happy Father's Day! Coming from a "broken home", my dad did do the best for his daughters, the best that he could. We saw him "infrequently" at first, due to distance, but as we got older, it got better. We now live closer and we are closer as "Father/Daughter" relationships go. I am the oldest. He knows that a lot of responsiblity fell on me. His life long neighbor tells him all the time, he put a lot on me! Gotta love "Papa Frank!" He is a great, wonderful "Paw Paw" to my kids and my neices! We are supposed to go over there this afternoon for swimming and BBQ, but, I think the swimming will be out! It is STORMING!! and doesn't plan on clearing up soon. :( Not the first time we've gone over there and it has rained. We'll still eat though! That's the "southern way", food always surrounds the gatherings!!

Now, to my DDH. For someone who didn't expect to ever be a Dad, he seems to be stumbling thru okay! LOL He is a great dad! We both did not have the greatest "role models" to follow, but, I think he is doing a wonderful job! Love you Baby!!

Okay, yesterday was a busy day. Friday night, well, I'll just say, my friend was definitely surprised by his party! Poker Party!! Of course I lost!!! I always do, but this night, the cards were not in my favor at all!! After I "finished", I watched the rest of the players, then about 5 of us started a game of "Boo Ray." Now THAT is a game I can play!! I grew up on that. But...... I lost. I'm telling you, the cards were not working for me. Only "boo-rayed" a couple of times, but at $3 a hit, twice, the $$$$ goes!! But of course, there was FOOD!!!! After this weekend, I seriously could 'hibernate' for a month!!! I should! LOL I didn't get home Friday night, until @ 1:30 in the morning! I was tired. I woke at 6 a.m. Friday morning!! Then, Saturday, I awoke about 9, which is late for me. Had an appointment w/my sis to get a haircut. DD had an appointment for a facial at 3 and we were going to stop at the mall to return/exchange something she bought, before her appointment, but all that changed! The girl who was supposed to do her facial was in the hospital! She is pregnant and has about 10 wks left to go. She was bit by something that caused a SERIOUS infection! She was told to go directly to the hospital!! I hope she is okay. This is her 2nd baby. She is very nice. Have to send a card {note to self}

So our plans changed. My sis ended up coloring my dd's hair. The underside of her hair. It is more of a darker brown, with the top, still her blonde color. It looks good! Love the "contrast" of the 2 colors. BUT, we decided that next week, we are going to color her entire head the "golden brown" and go w/the blonde highlights/lowlights. As my dd is getting older, she is "changing" her hair color. Same thing happened to me. My blondeness started growing darker. Became more of a "Dirty Blonde." She tried to keep it light, but her "roots" grow out too fast and it is too much work AND she is NOT a good patient!!! So, we talked her into making it a little easier to maintain. She's game. I'll let ya know how it turns out. I'll make her mad by documenting with pictures!!!! LOL

Here is my PAD for the last 2 days! The 2nd one is the really, loud bird!! For the last few days, it has really been annoying! After posting, I had to come back and explain my 1st pic. It is my "empty" wallet. $20 to play Friday, then I put up for the birthday boy and his wife, $15, then another $10 for "Boo Ray"! I walked away with NOTHING!!! Well, nothing but a FULL belly! ROTFL

Not sure what kind of bird, but it sure is noisy!!! Well, have to quickly shower, then head to the grocery. Making coleslaw and a "Fruit Salsa" for later today! Enjoy your day. Blog ya later.....................


Hayley said...

Happy Fathers Day to all of your men too!!!


Miss Dana said...

Happy Fathers Day to you too!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have/had a wonderful day with your hubby and any other 'men'. LOL