Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Happy Birthday to Me!"

I am soooo not vane or anything. But I do like celebrating birthdays, even if it is just our family and a cake, made by me or my daughter in this case! My kids always have a party of some sort, but we always do an intimate one with just us, no matter how corny my kids think it is! It all started yesterday. DD cleaned, did her chores AND made me a cake! We were going to boil crawfish, but instead had steak and baked potatoes and a salad. I do not have a favorite food or even a favorite restaurant to go to. I just like too many things, that I can't choose a favorite! After we ate dinner, DH took the kids to go get birthday cards for me. While they were gone, I finished up in the kitchen and put the cake on the table. They returned, all smiles and such! Too silly. My dd's friend took pictures. Here they are:

Could we be any sillier? My DH being "psycho!" He is.

We were completely full after all that food and cake! So much for losing weight before the Beach! Well, I do have a few weeks. It is possible. Not likely. But possible. Today I worked on putting my scrap things into the cabinet in the kitchen. I wanted to take them out of the totes I have, which was 3! and put them away in the bathroom closet until I go on a weekend retreat. I left my paper in my CIS Paper Tote, for I do not have anywhere else to put it and it is organized by color, which I labeled the trays! Here is a before picture and some after pictures. Now you know, the "after" pictures will not stay that way, for I have 2 high chairs that live in my kitchen right in front of the cabinet, during the week! :( But, now things that I use normally when scrapping, are easily accessible! I have put things in baskets and placed in the drawers, so I can "pull" them when needed. Now, maybe, I can complete the "Dash" although a couple have already!! :O Here are the pictures:


"AFTER" with doors/drawers open. Last one, everything all "Closed" up.

Gonna go now. Have to rearrange living room a bit, for we have a credenza to put in there. YEA!!! MORE STORAGE!!!! Have a great day! Blog ya later..................


Hayley said...

You did a great job organizing!!! Now you can get busy and make a mess again!! LOL!!!

Happy Birthday too!!!


Miss Dana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have/had a GREAT day!!! Love the pictures as well.....too funny!! LOL
Anyway, I hope your enjoying today as you are the 'birthday girl'.