Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, here are some pictures. I'll explain.

Tuesday's PAD4June

Title for the PAD was, "What's Your Local Headline?"
Wednesday's PAD4June was "What's your Weather today?"
Today's PAD4June was 2 pictures. My suitcase, which is empty! and the 2nd one are my books and magazines that are packed and have been since Monday!

I have 4 books and loads of mags ranging from "Everyday w/Rachel Ray", "Oprah", CK {of course!} and a few others! I have enough to keep me on the beach from sun up to sundown!

This next one is from Week 1 in the "NWR" class. Forgive me if I posted already.

Can't seem to keep up. So much going on.

The next LO is from this week. I love learning all the "hotkeys."

Can only imagine what next week will bring! "Paper Klipz" from MB stated, "slow rockin is better than no rockin!" She said that after I posted that I have been "slowly rockin'!" Can't seem to catch up!

These pictures are when I was at my dad's for "Father's Day." The larger one is my son and sister, his "nanny." There are very few pictures of the 2 of them. He never wants to just "pose." The smaller ones are my kids playing "Colors." Actually getting along! Top left is my dd and sis.

Thanks for looking. Catch you guys later.............................


kellie bean said...

Hey there, Beach Bum! Have a fantastic, relaxing vacation!!!!

Cassie said...

Nice layouts! I really like that circle of 4 in the pool, very it digital?

jessicamae3 said...

great layouts!
you asked about atc storage....hmm i havent yet, but the atc holder will probably be the way i go!
thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kristin said...

Oh I love the LO's are they from JS's class. Nice job!

Veronica said...

Yes Kristen, "Now We're Rockin" class!