Friday, June 6, 2008

Can it get ANY Worse?! I Mean, REALLY!

Let me start off by saying, our air conditioning is NOT blowing cool! Woke up to a house that was 77 degrees! It is now 80 and it is only 9 a.m.! I took a picture of my thermostat for the PAD4June for today!

It never fails, right before we go on vacation, something BIG, EXPENSIVE always happens. 2 yrs ago, before we went to Disney, hot water heater {$700}, microwave {$500} AND washer & dryer! {free, thank GOD!} all in a week and a half before we left!!!! We know we need a new AC unit outside, but hopefully it can be charged and "baby'd" for a month or so until AFTER vacation! We'll see. Not sure if anyone can get out today :-O I'll let ya know.

Okay, Swim Meet last night. Very interesting. Didn't win. Strong swimmers we went up against! Kept up until the Relays. We suck at relays! That's where all the points are! Oh well. It was fun! My friend's dd went and got a "Pickle Sicle" as we were calling it! Pickle juice that was frozen in a small condiment cup! Too funny!

I personally do not care for pickles, but to drink the juice, YUCK!! The kids enjoy it! I'm attaching a few pictures of my ds and some videos I did last night.

These were "warm up" pictures. Below are a couple from the Meet:

Let me "try" and include a few videos. Remember, PAUSE my player! Of course, I don't think there is any sound, cause this was taken w/my camera in "video" mode! ;-)

This is Ryan swimming the Butterfly Stroke. He took 3rd! The next ones are the Relays. First was Medley, where he swam Backstroke and the 2nd is Freestyle Relay, swimming freestyle!

Well, those are the videos! Didn't know if there would be sound or not, so I'm sorry if you overheard something you possibly shouldn't! Us parents have a tendancy to be "competitive."

Here's an update on my AC problems: Need a new unit!! $1800 {sigh} Maybe I shouldn't plan vacations any more? As soon as I get them the $$$$ they can put in tomorrow! Wish me luck! BTW, it is now 82 degrees, BUT, it is raining some! Hope it stays cloudy!! Gotta go now. Feed what "chikens" I have, lunch, then naptime! Blog ya later..................

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