Thursday, June 5, 2008

23 Days & COUNTING!!!

That's right. Until I leave for the BEACH! Just about 3 weeks. Did I tell ya I was going to the BEACH for vacation? Destin, FL. Yep. 7 glorious days. Me, myself & I. Oh, my dh and dd & ds too. BUT, they're old enough to fend for themselves! Starting gathering books and magazines together. Have to rearrange my MP3. Need new Casting Crowns, David Crowder, Britt Nicole, plus throw in some Toby {keith}, Carrie, Tim, and any others I am leaving out! Gotta have variety! {Note to self: don't forget charger!}

Okay, enough of that. As time gets closer, I'm sure I'll "list" more things!

Here is my PAD4June, day 5. It is of a baby bunny that happen to be in my neighbor's rock/weed garden! She is so funny! Anyway, told her it actually came out during the day and not at night! Sent her proof, she didn't believe me!

Have a swim meet tonite. will bring camera. son not happy. about the camera. think he's had enough "mama-razzi." I keep thinking 'bout his "threat" the other night at restaurant. Nah, he couldn't. he wouldn't. would he?? he'll be in the water. he won't "see" me really. I'll let ya know tomorrow, if I'm able to post!! LOL

Put my new cabinet in place last night. Gotta bring in the credenza that will be going in our living room. Will be using both as storage. Will be using the old, single unit as a "Scrap" storage unit. It has 5 drawers and a locking door on top. Have to post "before" & "after" pics.

Well, for the most part, it is a "quiet" Thursday, if there is such a thing! I have to get back to cleaning and the laundry! ug. Blog ya later.......................


Brock Family said...

I'm cracking up at the Mama-Razzi! That's a new one to me!!! You are so lucky to be going to Destin. I LOVE it there!

kellie bean said...

Love the bunny! :) Have fun in FL - we're going to WDW in July (I guess we kinda like stewing in our own juices or something...). And, since I'm going to be off more than online in the next few weeks, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Hayley said...

What a cute bunny!!! I grew up in FL (there till I was 21). Way to hot for me, lol. But the beaches are awesome! Moved to NC in 2002 and we just moved to TX (Army) in March....not much cooler here, lol!!!

I hope you are 'able' to post pics from the swim meet, LOL!!!


Miss Dana said...

Wow....I would have to kill if I woke up to that!!!!!!!! Wow, that's too hot. I feel ya!
Anyway, good luck on the new installment.
And thanks, I hope Britt does good. Btw, your daughter is beautiful!!!!!