Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where did yesterday go!?

OH MY! It's Tuesday. The LAST day of school! Hope everyone enjoyed their day off yesterday. I, of course, had to take the day off so that I could go to my son's Recognition Program at school! It was nice. I tried to get a picture of his face when they announced his name and gave him his "Perfect Attendance" award. Only. He soooo thought he would have "honor roll." I was upset for him. Report cards get mailed out on Thursday, so by Friday/Saturday, I'll know exactly what he did. I'm thinking it is "spelling" that his grade fell short. If that was the case AND he brought up his math, science and english grades, THEN I'll go ahead and give him the $100. BUT, my neighbor who offered to "match" us, will not. I told her that wasn't fair and that wasn't the deal. I told my son, she wasn't going to be allowed to do that either. I know he tried very hard and he will be "rewarded" for that, but nothing more.

Picked up dd from school yesterday and we went to the spa for facials! We each had a gift certificate given to us last year for our birthdays {june} and we just now got around to using them! It was nice. She needed to have her face cleaned well and some "extractions" done. She was a trooper. LOVED the girl who was our aesthetician. Her name was "angela" and she is preggo w/her 2nd. Very, very nice and will most definitely request her again. My daughter liked her and that matters!

After that, came home and went to pick up son from swimming practice. Thursday is "picture day" when they take individual and team. Monday is our 1st Meet. It is against our "rival" club who happens to NOT be in the same swim league as us! Last year they won, this year, we plan on winning!

Tonight is my daughter's "dress rehearsal" for the recital, which is Sunday! That day will be a loooooong day. Mandatory rehearsal at 9 a.m. SHARP! Then go and get her hair done and be back at the auditorium for 5 when doors open. Recital starts promptly at 6! We will be out of there by 8:15. Gina runs a "tight ship" and it works perfectly! Never have I been to a dance recital that has lasted less than 3 hours, until my daughter started here 9 yrs ago! Very impressed w/the dance recitals, 2 hrs and that INCLUDES the awards that are given out at the end!!!

Wednesday night, I am to meet with the girls I play ball with on Thursday (subbed) to have a "Congratulatory" dinner since we won the tournament. I was also asked to permanently play on their team!! Michelle also asked if I wanted to play w/her and 2 others that play on that team, on another league?! Told you I was GOOD!! LOL Sorry, but I have to toot my own horn! My high school coach would be soooo proud. I still got it! LOL

Well, let me include my PAD4M for Monday and Today. Monday's is the program cover from my son's "Recognition Day" and today's is a pic of water bottles from our delivery service. I used to get delivery twice a month and get charged twice for "fuel surcharge!" Now, they reduced delivery to once a month! Now, I only pay $2 instead of $4 for the surcharge. Guess there is a "bright" side. Have a great day. I'll Blog ya later..................

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