Monday, May 5, 2008

"Tired" Monday!

Today is "Tired" Monday. Reason being, it is the day after the "Little Red Church" Fair. After the rains Friday night and Saturday morning, it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! Both of my kids are sunburned and TIRED! A couple of toddlers, who have older siblings attend the school where the fair is held, are also tired! Us Parents, well, let me just say, we aren't teens anymore! I spend most of yesterday at fair, socializing, eating and socializing some more. Being that I'm in my house ALL day, EVERY day, I don't see these people often, so at times like these, we sit and chat and munch and listen to music, while our kids are "running" around riding rides!

On another note: my next door neighbor came by yesterday morning to inform me that my gas tank on van was open! His tank was "tampered" with also! Seems that, the time and economy we're in, that it has come down to 'stealing' gas from tanks of cars! Now, they were unable to take from my van, because it's impossible, unless they "drill" the actual tank to get it! And I say this, because apparently it's been done in another area! We tried to cypher gas out of my van when we had evacuated for Katrina. My neighbors who were with me needed gas and we tried, but apparently, the way the tank "curves" it couldn't be done. Safety/anti-theft thing! Which I guess is good, but considering the circumstances we were in.... could have used gas!

Anyway, my DH's unit was parked on the street, under the street light, but it didn't look "tampered" with. He called for a deputy to come out, not so much to write a report, but to let others patrolling, in on what's going on! What a world we live in now! Guess I'll get out my bike! ;)

Following, is my PAD4M. Because it's Monday, I decided to take a pic of living room where the "toy box" and the "exersaucer" next to it. In the middle is a little seat I feed the 2 small ones in. It's a great chair and everyone who has come "thru" has sat in it!

Today starts Jessica Sprague's "Up and Running" class. I'm excited, tho, I won't be able to get to it until later this evening, when "ALL" is gone and quiet! I don't know what to expect, so, I want to give it my "full, undivided attention!" So, on that note, everyone, TRY and have a good Monday and I'll Blog ya later...................


kellie bean said...

I love your project - I have some of that paper, too! Do you know if Erin will make pdf or word file instructions on that one? It's so cool - I want to try it, too!

You got Starbucks WITHOUT WHIP??? Oh, your self-control is much better than mine. :)


scrappyhappy08 said...

I can't believe people are stealing gas now. I heard that the other day on the news!! Crazy!! Good luck with your class!!! :)