Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are 3 pictures my DH took of me and my team last night at our Playoffs. We beat the 1st place team, then came back and won the tournament!! WooHoo!! We won $10!!! Okay, so I came home with $5 cuz I stopped at McD's for ice cream! LOL But hey, it was $$$$ I didn't have! We almost lost it. It was tough! But we pulled it thru in the end where it counted! I laughed this morning and told my DH that I was getting a "big head!" This was the 5th team I played on that has won FIRST PLACE! Boy, I'M GOOD!! ROTFLOL Tonight I "sub" again for the team who is also in the playoffs. Last night Colleen said, "Since Veronica won tonight, maybe we'll win tomorrow night!" Hahahaha, if she only knew! Of course, I'll let you know how it goes! If they win tonite, they play again next week. Thank goodness, cuz we'd be there until midnight!!

This is my PAD4M. The sky was "omnious" looking. We had some terrible weather this morning. The wind was furious and the rain was pouring! It finally let up @ noon. Sun came out @2pm. Glad that was over.

This is a "Freestyle" LO I did over the last 2 days. I used some "freebies" from Jessica's class. The stitching is pretty cool, even though we haven't done that yet! I decided to get "BOLD!" lol
Well, since it has taken me quite some time to post this "post", I have to go now and get ready for my game.
Blog ya later.............. {I promise;)}

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