Friday, May 16, 2008


Where to start? Okay, last night I played ball. This morning, I am sore! I told my DH that the Thursday night league was much more intense than the Wednesday night league! He now believes me! After playing 2 games back to back in @ 45 mins, with the winning score of the 1st game, 25-17 and the 2nd game 25-20, WE WON BOTH!!!! On to the next playoff game next week. I was asked if I could play next week because 1 of the ladies wasn't going to be in the country!, I said, "What? You think you can drop me? HELLLLOOOOO, you're in the playoffs and I played a part in that! My high school coach would be so proud of me now! ;)

Since we won the 1st 2 games, there was no need for a 3rd, {thank goodness!}

We do not have a game tonight for the team we were supposed to play has dropped out, so we now have a "bye." Guess it's a blessing in disguise, for I think I would feel like I was playing in sloooowww motion after Wednesday and Thursday! LOL That is according to my DH. The team we're on apparently hasn't played in many, many years! Oh boy! Well, I need to slow down some?!

Our weather was no better this morning than it was yesterday! I mean, the thunder and lightning were horrendous! It's after 10 am now, and it has finally slacked off. There was a front coming thru and on the weather it was really close to passing over us! I hope it has! I need to get to the spillway and take some pictures. They closed all the locks last week! The river had already crested, so there was no need to keep it open. I want some "after" pics.

Below is another Digi layout I did. I really need to upload some "supplies" to the laptop. It's easier for me to "play" on the laptop because I can sit with the kids while they are playing in the living room. Can't go in my room where the desktop is, can I?

Anyway, these are pictures of my little "ray of sunshine" today, Lexie. She is such a kooky 3 yr old! Lord help her teacher next year!!!

The second picture is my PAD4M. It is of today's calendar day. Wasn't about to go outside and take another picture of the weather! Anyway, this was given to me by my neighbor across the street, who also scraps, for Christmas. I have saved the preceding days in a dishwasher tablet tin I "altered." I hope to use the papers for other scrapping items!

Well, I hope that everyone enjoys their day, wherever you are and whatever the weather is like! I will post my PAD4M pictures accordingly! Have a good one.
Blog ya later......................


Anonymous said...

Hey Vee (love that!) -

Look at you out there - go girl!!! Lexie is an absolute doll. And, I didn't know you had a doxie! Our family has owned 3 since I was 4 y.o. My parents have had mine (Chelsie - she's 16) for several years now because DH and I have moved so much. She's pretty much their dog now. The only reason I didn't get another doxie (although my jack r. is supposedly a doxie mix) is because I feared how one would fare with my 3y.o. ball of fire! Don'tcha just love Doxymama's pics?! :)

And, as for the rain, we're in El Paso, so we're lucky to get 8 inches a year...but it is sprinkling today! Happy Friday!


Miss Dana said...

TOO cute. I don't know you personally, but I have been keeping up with your blog.... you seem so nice. LOL but anyway, great layout.

Miss Dana said...

Thanks for the comment(s) on my blog.... wow, 10 years of watching little ones??!! I couldn't do two kids is enough for me. But anyway, my daughter is almost the same age as yours. And so is my almost the same age probably as yours. Mine is going to 7th grade aslo. And you missy, are not that older than I am. LOL!!!! So, is that all you do in the watch little ones?

Miss Dana said...

Hahaha but atleast you're not that much older than me.... when is your birthday?! I actually just turned 39 on January 25th, so not turning 40 yet =P.
Anyway, that must be a hard job........watching kids and cleaning and doing housework during the day?!?! I feel for ya!! Wow!!!! As for me, I'm actually a teacher. LOL I teach 3rd grade and frankly, I'm soooooooooooooooooo ready to retire. But have a long way to go. So I just have to wait. Today was record's day and we're getting they're report cards ready for them... as our last day is May 21st. When is your kids' last day?