Friday, May 23, 2008


Well it's Friday. Day 2 of "MIL Watch." She seems to be doing okay. We know we are at the end, for the night before, she was "talking" to my FIL {who died 2 1/2 yrs ago}! Also asking for her "Mama." {over 40 yrs} She doesn't seem to be in pain and the sitter got her to "eat" some broth. Hospice is supposed to come today. They come about 3 days a week, for we have a sitter for her 24/7. That's the gist of it today. Keep you posted. Thanks for all your prayers that have come! It is appreciated.

Okay. Last night, I played volleyball with the team I've been subbing for now over a month. We had made it to playoffs and the 1st game was last week {won} and last night was the remaining. If the first game was won, played the last game for "title." Well.......

WE WON IT ALL!!!!!! It was an awesomely, intense game, both of them. We won the first 2 in the first match and in the 2nd match, won the first and almost lost the 2nd!! We sooooooo didn't want to play a 3rd! We were done before 10 pm which was nice. The weather on the other hand, wasn't! There was street flooding everywhere! The drainage canals on either side of the road I was driving on was FULL! Apparently the pumps had trouble keeping up! Today the sun is shining. We do have a 40% chance of thunderstorms. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't! Tonite I play ball again, but this time with my DH! We are in a mixed league. We haven't played together in over 10 years. Hmmmm, wonder if he can still play? LOL Actually, he played on this team 2 weeks ago when I took the kids to City Park Night for our church. He REALLY wanted to play!! He said it was "okay." I might be bored though. Not real intense. Oh oh. It's not like I'm competitive or anything {yeah right!} but, I can't stand when the ball just hits the floor without someone actually trying to get it! But other than that.. I'm not competitive at all... LOL!

Let's see, what else is going on? Oh, kids get out a half day today. 1st one gets out at 11:10 and 2nd one is 11:50. The after school kid gets out at 12:15. He'll get picked up by grandmother. I hope to have my regular "chikens" down for their naps. I might try and do some scrapping this weekend. Okay, I did say "try!" A lot depends on what happens with MIL. I'm supposed to go to the minor league baseball game Saturday evening as my sister's "date", but.... The salon she works for has a suite and a "Welcome" night. We'll see.

Well, I'll end with my PAD4M day 23. It is a picture of a "sun catcher" I have in my front garden. It is a dragonfly. I LOVE dragonflies! I have a couple little things with them. I actually found a blogtemplate that had a dragonfly on it, but I didn't quite like it. And I'm not "technically savvy" to make my own just yet!! Ya'll have a great, long weekend. Blog ya later........................

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