Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PAD4M and Lesson #2 from Jessica's Class

Here is my PAD4M day 14. It is a new hose rack my DH bought for me because he knows I like "Sun" items. Such a great contrast between the green and the bronzed copper!
Can't believe I've been actually taking daily pictures. At least this is 1 task I can complete! LOL The "Dash from your Stash" is another story.....

This is my 2nd lesson from Jessica's class. We used 2 pictures, journaling bullets and brushes. Also used the "Lasso" tool! There is sooooo much to learn and have "sink in!" I'm not gonna let it get the best of me! I just wish I could have more time to "play" with it!!! It came out okay. I could do more with it {if I could ;)}

Very busy night and the rest of the week! Playoffs tonight for my Wednesday night volleyball league. Was asked to play in a playoff game tomorrow night and Friday I play in a league that my husband signed us up for!!! Busy, busy, busy!!! My Flat visitor will have her fill of volleyball games!!!
Gonna go now. Gotta clean the kitchen after feeding the kids lunch. Then I have to prepare dinner so we can eat before I leave for my game! I need a nap! Right.
Blog ya later!

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kellie bean said...

OMGosh! I love that LO! I'm a techno-chicken, so this is really, truly impressive. :) Have a great day!