Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PAD4M and Lesson 1 from Jessica's Class

Here is my PAD4M #6. It's 1 of 3
busses that go thru my neighborhood. It is my son's bus. This is the last year he will be riding this bus, for he moves to "Jr. High" and he has to walk up to the corner to catch the bus!

Here is Lesson 1 from Jessica Sprague's "Up & Running" class on Digital. I varied it a bit, by adding some "extra" star embellies on the top. I like groups of 3's and I thought this lo needed it. I learned quite a bit from this lesson, some of the tools and how to "manipulate" around. I'm really excited about this class. I really think I'll get A LOT out of it! So, on that note, you'll probably see me saying a lot that "I'm excited!"
So, whatcha think? The journaling reads: "Oh Lexie, how silly you are at times and today was no exception! I put your hair in "pig tails"and you posed for this picture. When I said, 'say cheese,' you scrunched up your face and your eyes closed. How Silly!"

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Anonymous said...

You did a WONDERFUL job!!! Your layout looks great....I love the picture.....just adorable. I can't wait to see more!! :)