Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Much Better! :(

Well, the day did not get much better. Straightened out the problem w/dd about "dress" rehearsal. Apparently, her class's rehearsal was "postponed" until another time. She just neglected to tell me! Typical. My son comes home and tells me, "Mom, Ms. Jackson asked me to ask you, to keep me home the rest of the school year." WHAT! WHY? Just what did you do NOW? {headache returning} ;) She was kidding, but said, he was "annoying" her. I then said to him, "Tell Ms Jackson, I don't want you home any sooner than necessary to annoy me, so, you have to stay!" You see, they are the "seniors" at their school, and with the close of school right here, everybody is anxious to be done! Also, the 6th grade as a "whole" apparently scored the highest on their "I-Leap" tests!! Which brings me to this, his teacher, same as mentioned, pulled him in class when they received the scores, and told him, "Why do your grades not show this?" My son worries me. He is now, trying to raise his grades to get the $100 we promised him IF he has A's and B's on his report card! We pay our children $5 for every A on their report card. Unfortunately, he has only $10!!! We KNOW he is capable of making good grades, his standardized test scores prove that!! The problem is, in school, he only puts out just what is needed and nothing more! It is sooooo frustrating to me. So, we told him, IF he raises his grades and gets nothing below a "C", we will straight up, give him $100. The 'bill' is there for him to see. He was told this at the beginning of the 9 weeks, so, it definitely is possible!! I'll let ya know!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

My DH's mom is NOT doing well. Long story short, cancer. It's spreading. Fast. She is being kept on pain meds to help and it is. Received a call last evening. Doctor actually came to the house!! Said, "I suggest anyone who wants to see her should come now." DH's brother called him and he got someone to take his Detail he was working. Called me and I brought the kids over. My dd was soooooo upset, that it upset me! It brought back memories of my mother's death, 9 yrs ago. She was only 56 yrs. old. DD didn't even see her grandmother, too upset. I understand. But I hope she at least comes again. She is so like my DH as far as emotions. My son and I are alike in that, we are emotional, but a little more stoic. My daughter cried out to us,"why aren't ya'll crying?" Believe me, we were!

Didn't sleep well last night, for we were "on edge" with anticipating a phone call! Thankfully, it didn't come. The doctor made it sound like, she wasn't gonna make it thru the night! Guess he forgot how "stubborn" she is! I mean, she IS Italian! LOL The doctors can't believe she made it this long since diagnosis, over 5yrs ago!! Like I said, Italian woman!!

Gonna change subject; PAD4M. Can't believe it's already day 22! Wow. I've actually been keeping up with this. It is a picture of a bird feeder I have. Actually have 2 of the same, flanking a trellis against the back wall of my house. I've got quite a few bird feeders I might take pictures of thru the end of the month! ;) Enjoy.

I'll keep you posted on the MIL situation. And Kel, thanks for the support. You know, I do have "bad" days, just not many!!

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kellie bean said...

You are very welcome. You'll always have happy thoughts coming your way from way out west here. You and your family are in our prayers.

On a less-serious note, it sounds like your son and my daughter would make quite a pair! :) I may have to borrow your idea (the $100) because she's pretty much decided that the year's over (um, 2 weeks left, my dear). HOWEVER, she has close to zero dollars to her name, and we're going to Disney World in a month. This could be the carrot I've been looking to dangle in front of her all year! haha!