Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday, da da, da da da da....

That's how I feel. I am on my 3rd workout day! woo hoo. Can you see the excitement in me? Actually, the workouts aren't bad. I was doing it a couple of months ago until I started the "Body Pump" class. Haven't been to the gym while the class was going on! Between the class and playing ball, Tues, Wed and Thurs I was BUSY!

Anyway, I go at 5a.m.! I know, I know, early. But it's the only time I can really go. I like getting my day started like that. I think last week when I went, I gave Mr. Paul a heart attack! LOL He hadn't seen me in a while! Told him, with the exception of vacation, I'm back for the long haul!!

Above is my PAD4M #19! Already. It is my lonely begonia plant on back patio. I thought it was a goner, but NOPE! It's blooming furiously too. I took a pic of this flower, because the color seemed so intense! Enjoy.

Well, I got some scrapping done this weekend. I was sad to take it all down last night. :( I wish I could leave it up somewhere and work on pieces, bit by bit. Guess I'll have to take it when I can! I really don't think I can do the "100 Dash", not because of supplies, but because of pictures!!! I'm almost done! I could start lo's with all the PAD4M? Someone posted a sketch using lots of photos. Might have to look that up.

Well, gotta go. Laundry. Think I'll take some white beans and shrimp out the freezer for dinner. I'll make some cornbread. DS likes cornbread. Can't add any "extras" to it though. He's so boring!!!!!

Have a GREAT Monday. Blog ya later.....................................

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