Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little "Lagniappe!" {extra}

Okay, here is a pic {or 2} of these iris' I have. Oreosmom posted on her blog{see far right, under My Inspirations} how to cut and when to cut. I laughed and commented that I need to let my DH know so the next time he wants to "cut" flowers for me, he does it right! He likes these because they are "LSU" colored! Believe me, that wasn't planned! LOL

Here is some "love" from one of the kids I watch "before and after" school. This is his final year, so he gave me this:

How cool? They know me so well!

Also received a "Strawberry/Kiwi" candle. Smells sooooo good! Thought I would share.


Anonymous said...

Your kids DO know you well! ;)

I can't wait to see those irises pics!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those ARE irises... :) Mini ones...I have a few of those too, but never last too long. :(

Your blog is officially in my faves now... ;)

Anonymous said...

Me again! ;)

Is there a way to make the counter NOT count my own posts on my blog

Toni said...

Wow, great parting gifts, Veronica. And LSU colored flowers are hard to come by, lol!