Friday, May 30, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

1st, let me get my PAD4M done. Top one is from Thursday. My DH cut grass and trimmed bushes and such, so the first thing Thurs morning, I went and took this picture.

This one is from today. These are gardenias from my garden in the back. Wish there was "Scratch n Sniff" cause they just smell up the entire living room with their scent! Hmmmm.

Okay, countdown to: Recital, 2 days; Vacation, 28 days! and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! We are going to Destin, FL this year. One week, 7 days, 168 hours of ME time! {yeah, my family is going...} but I already told my DH, don't expect conversation from me! I'm bringing loads of books and mags and plan on planting my "rump" in a chair on the beach as I dig my toes in the sand!! and if my feet get exfoliated in the process, then BONUS!!!! LOL I sooooooo need this break. My kids are old enough now to fend for themselves. Hell, it took me long enough to get them to this stage, dammit, time to reap the rewards! Ha ha ha ha! Stay tuned for further notice! LOL

Here is a copy of the letter my daughter wrote on the Mother/Daughter Retreat we went on a couple of months ago. BTW, she just read the one I sent her!

She is soooooo goofy! It reads:"I don't think that we needed to come here. I think our relationship is strong. They told me I had to write a letter to you and I don't know what to say. they think I'm really writing a letter to you with something important in it. I know that when you get this, you'll be mad at me for not really writing anything to you. sorry that I have nothing to say. But I know this is messy and I know I love you."

Not, "I know you love me" but "I know I love you." How funny! She so didn't want to go, but I made her. Okay, maybe didn't "make" her go, she did say she'd go, and we did! As far as I know, she still has the letter I sent and she didn't throw it away! ;)

Here my final lesson in Jessica's "Up & Running" class. {boo hoo} I am currently working on another one, on my desktop, that is a picture of my mother on her wedding day, with my grandmother. I'll post that when I complete it. What ya think?

Well, time to get lunch ready for these "chikens" I have today. Gonna make a run to Mickey D's for the 3 older ones. Thank goodness school is out and my dd can sit w/them for @ 15 mins while I make the run!

Have a great weekend. I'll post my happenings when I can! Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. Blog ya later.......................

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Chrispea said...

Wow, school's out already!! We have 2 and a half more days. Looks like you had fun with your digi class! Great job!!