Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Some "Lagniappe!" for today

Wow! It's only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Thursday!!! I have been so busy today and I only had 4 kids instead of 6! What's up with that? While I was outside this morning taking a picture for PAD4M and waiting for the bus for my son, I turned around and took a picture of the front of my house! Everything is all in bloom. Now, the grass needs to be cut, dh is doing that now, but it was kinda nice to look at first thing this morning. I want to go back to that moment, before it got "hectic!" KWIM?

My DD has dance tonight, then wants to be brought to her friend's house to sleep over, because tomorrow is "Late take in." They have these @ twice a month. Don't understand it still.

The "little ones" are watching "Little Bear" and eating goldfish crackers. They will all be leaving in about an hour, which means, I can go start dinner! All I know is that we're having chicken. HOW it is going to be cooked, is still up for discussion! LOL I'll more than likely, throw it on the grill. But that's all we're having, chicken, no side dishes, cause, again, no clue. Allright, let me get out of this "funk" and figure out what else we're gonna eat. Blog ya later.......................

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