Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Call Me "Rebel" {with a cause!}

Well, let me start by saying, I really don't like confrontation, but if I have to.... I can hold my own! This is what happend, yesterday I went to pick up my son from swim practice. I get there and there is NO WHERE to park! It is an old, small club that opened a fitness center in it @ 2 yrs ago to help w/costs. {another story} Anyway, there are 2 softball fields that we {club} is leasing out to local fast-pitch girls softball team. So, with all that going on at the same time, parking is even worse! I'm okay with that, can deal with it. What I can't deal with is "ignorance!" There was a 4x4 truck parked in the drive that leads to the back of the building {open property/field} I noticed a friend/board member and inquired about that. He said, Yeah, that's like the 3rd time it's been there. I was shocked, appalled, angry, you name it! I'm thinking to myself, "okay, when I go to exercise in the morning, I'll mention it to Mr. Paul." Sure enough, I wasn't about to let this go! Got there a little after 5, told him about it. There happened to be another guy there who possibly knew who it might be. I said, "I don't know why I'm telling you about it." He then says, "because I'm a Board Member." "Well, no offense, but it fell on a board member's deaf ears yesterday!" But this time, I knew I had the RIGHT board member! His family goes waaaaaayyy back since the beginning of this club! They are to put a sign out that says, "No blocking DRIVE".

I'll see if they did tomorrow morning when I go work out again. My ds is not going to swim practice today, too much homework!!!? 6 days of school left and they have "homework?" My dd came home today with a lot of work also.

Off my rant now. I feel good when I get something DONE! And Kellie, no comments from you! ;) I know you think I'm a "rebel" as it is!! LOL

Okay, my PAD4M happens to be a picture of my socks, shoes, MP3 and water from when I returned from my workout! I went by myself. My neighbor texted me about 4:40 am saying her throat was killing her. Last night I thought about taking my cell phone into my room thinking she might call. I didn't. I got up, washed face and teeth, got dressed, came into kitchen to get water, then grabbed my phone. That's when I saw message! I said to myself, "I'm already up and dressed, I'm going!" So I did! And I feel better for it! Not too mention {again} I inquired about the parking incident!!!! LOL

I'm already on Week 3 of Jessica's class! WOW!!! It is going sooooo fast, but I'm learning sooooo much! I'm very impressed with it. So much so, I've already to take the next one! This digi bug has bitten me HARD!!! Now, I'm not giving up the "original" just trying to move ahead! ;) So before the "hate" mail gets here from all you "scrappers", I'm just getting out of my comfort zone, getting those "creative juices" flowing, jump starting new projects!!!!!!! I'm not abandoning you, I promise!

So, on that note.... here is my latest project: I had some "trouble" with laptop, so it doesn't have the "soft edges" around it. I'll be doing another one this week using the "tools & techniques" I've learned! ;)

Well, have a good night. I'll Blog ya later.....

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