Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Saturday? & PAD4M Day 17

Well, I cannot believe I'm awake and fully functioning after scrapping from @ 8 p.m. last night until 3 a.m. this morning!! I managed 8 pages! Can you believe it? I can't! That is my PAD4M, my "scrap space." I took 2, from different angles. I also managed to watch everything I recorded! 7 hours non-stop! That's like, a page an hour! wOw!
I did correct my "Ticker" on CKMB, adjusting accordingly. Lookout "Oreosmom" and Heidi, I'm getting caught up with you guys!!!!
Today, I'm doing pretty much the same thing: Scrapping. I will go to church this evening and I guess I'll cook for dinner?! Last night, ordered pizza ;=) Hey, PRIORITIES! lol
Okay, have a look at what I accomplished last night. I'm not "Elaborate" in any way. I just wanted to complete these layouts!!!! I did embellish some and I journaled in my OWN handwriting! I even used "STICKLES" for the FIRST TIME! :o I KNOW! The scrap pages are 1st 2: Christmas 2007. Pictures explain it all! The next group are also Christmas time 2007 of our bonco group. Every year we have a "Couples Christmas Bonco" and we do the "Chinese Gift Exchange." This group always has you ROTFLOL!! Enjoy and thanks for looking! Have a GREAT scrappy day! Blog ya later..............

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Miss Dana said...

Great layouts, girl!! Too awesome. By the way, be o the lookout for an e-mail from me.